YouTube Comedian Becomes Mayor Of Hell (Michigan) & Immediately Bans All Straight People From Entering!

If Donald Trump can end up being president, anything is possible!

That’s exactly what motivated YouTube comic Elijah Daniel to begin a political profession of his own which, 2 days later on, led to ending up being the actual Mayor of Hell!

No, this unusual, Faustian Twitter tale isn’t really phony news.

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It all started with an intriguing theory: if a truth star might quickly end up being president, a YouTuber like Elijah might simply as quickly hold a lower political workplace.

So, he went to work, and began a grassroots motion of “calling towns asking to let me be their mayor.” 2 days later on, he was successful, and on August 30 ended up being the main Mayor of Hell, Michigan!

We shit you not! Here’s the evidence: