Woman on Plane Spots Man Texting About Raping Children, Snaps Incriminating Photos to Put Him Behind Bars

Two kids in Tacoma, Washington, have actually been saved from a males and female who were sexually abusing them after a watchful airline company traveler informed authorities of suspicious text.

Fifty-six-year-old Michael Kellar was apprehended in the San Jose city airport Monday night, after showing up from Seattle.

While resting on the Southwest Airlines flight, a traveler behind Kellar had the ability to see his text, as his big smart device was set to the biggest font style.

“ It remained in big typeface, and she sees particular words and begins considering there’ s something larger there, ” reported a sex-crimes investigator on the case.

The messages were supposedly sent out to 50-year-old Gail Burnworth, who apparently had access to a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old through childcare. Private investigators state Kellar was getting to the victims, who are thought to have actually been sexually mistreated, through Burnworth.

She was later on detained in her Tacoma house.


After seeing Kellar’ s troubling text discussion about the sexual exploitation of these kids, the traveler (whom authorities did not recognize), had the ability to take pictures of the male’ s text from her seat behind.

“ The discussions were really specific in concerns to sex acts that were to be carried out on … kids, ” San Jose Police Sgt. Brian Spears informed the news station. “ Some of the sex acts spoken about not just molesting kids, however carrying out beastiality.”


The guest then notified the flight team, and flight attendants informed authorities at the location airport where Kellar was apprehended.

He is implicated of tried kid molestation and solicitation of a sex criminal activity, while Burnworth is being held for suspicion of kid rape and sexual exploitation of kids.

The 2 are presently in prison, and the confidential Seattle-area preschool instructor who busted them is being hailed a hero.

“ It ’ s type of astonishing, ” stated San Jose sex-crimes investigator Nick Jourdenais . “ She gets on an airplane, a regular resident minding her company. A few hours later on, she’ s stepping in on rather perhaps the most terrible thing kids can go through. This was life-altering for them.”


And this isn ’ t the very first time an mindful leaflet has actually had the ability to acknowledge indications of exploitation.

In truth, Airline Ambassadors International is a company that is training flight attendants to find human trafficking victims and offer humanitarian services by leveraging their connection with airline companies.

Back in 2016, Alaska Airlines flight attendant Sheila Fredrick felt “ off ” about a set of guests on her flight from Seattle to San Francisco. Familiar with the indication for human trafficking and exploitation, Fredrick developed a creative method to ask the traveler if she required aid.

Her fast thinking and capability to acknowledge an issue most likely conserved that teenager’ s life.


Like Frederick, this keen-eyed traveler is the factor 2 children have actually been saved from additional abuse.

Click HERE to learn more on exactly what to be on the lookout for in possible cases of human trafficking or kid exploitation.

It’ s taking place all around us, we require just the eyes to see it.

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