Woman fired for giving Trump motorcade the finger

Late last month, a lady cycling along with President Donald Trump s motorcade extended her middle finger and ended up being a folk hero to the. Now, she’s out of a task.

Juli Briskman exposed that her company, Akima LLC, fired her once they recognized she was the female in the image, she informed the Huffington Post .

On its About page , Akima states it has a variety of interests in federal government contracting, playing”management functions in infotech, information interactions, systems engineering, software application advancement, cybersecurity, area operations, air travel, building and construction, center management, fabrication and logistics.”

Briskman stated that she just recently altered her Facebook profile image to herself offering Trump’s motorcade the finger, when Akima discovered it, its HR department informed Briskman that she had actually broken its policy on social networks posts.

” They stated, We ’ re separating from you. Generally, you can not have salacious’ or profane’things in your social networks. Theywere calling turning him off profane.'”

Briskman stated she notified the business that her social networks profile did not associate her with the business in any method, however Akima apparently was worried that her work with the business might adversely impact their service, as they count on federal government agreements. From the Huffington Post:

Briskman, who operated in marketing and interactions at Akima for simply over 6 months, stated she stressed to the executives that she wasn ’ t on the task when the event occurred which her social networks pages put on ’ t discuss her company. They informed her that due to the fact that Akima was a federal government professional, the picture might harm their service, she stated.

According to Briskman, her termination stands in contrast to a male staff member at the business, who she states published on Facebook in a thread about Black Lives Matter, calling somebody “ a fucking Libtard asshole”.”” Briskman stated he erased the post at the business’s demand and was permitted to keep his task.

Read the entire interview at the Huffington Post here .

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