Why Do We Put God in a Box?

Why do we put God in a box?

Why do we have no issue wishing God to recover a kid’ s cancer, however feel odd asking Him to repair our stuffy nose? Do we presume He’ s too hectic to handle the little things, or are we restricting exactly what He’ s efficient in and exactly what He appreciates?

Why do we discover it so simple to hope in a church structure, however feel unusual doing it in the shower prior to we begin our day, or while resting on the commode? Are we so particular that God is holy and so huge that He can just be approached in a reverent way? And definitely not while we’ re naked or doing individual service in the restroom?!

I imply, sure He developed our bodies, and whatever about them, including our personal parts as well as our removal procedures, however He doesn’ t wan na see that! ?! We feel pity about particular scenarios much like Adam and Eve did in the garden after consuming the prohibited fruit. We hurry to conceal our nakedness, of body and thought-life, to keep them concealed from God.

But is He calling, “ Where are you kid? Why have you concealed yourself from me?”


So we believe, “God is too huge, hectic, and divine to become aware of the traffic en route to work, and I’ m sure He has little issue over the spat I had with my buddy. He appreciates the huge things that effect the world at big, and undoubtedly He leaves the little information of my day to me.


Why do we put God in a box?

Who are we to presume exactly what He appreciates and exactly what He does not?

So, why do we think about particular elements of our life worth showing the Lord, however not others?

We’ ll ask God to bless our savings account, however not our marital relationship bed. We’ ll pray about things like the physical health of our kids, however think about sex too taboo to talk about with the huge man upstairs. And exactly what does that mean anyhow? Man upstairs? Doesn’ t He live here in our hearts?


That actually gets us believing.

But that would indicate He’ s with me when I clean my butt, do that wild thing under the covers that drives my hubby insane, when I’ m choosing my nose, and cussing out that sluggish motorist in the left-hand lane of the highway!

I’ m unsure I ’ m all set to consider that!


Yes, it ’ s a lot easier to picture Him like a fatherly genie who approves desires when I request my colleague’ s test leads to return excellent, or to bless the Thanksgiving banquet when we state grace.

He can be the God who comes through when I require Him, however who remains in the shadows when I put on’ t.

. > He can be the God of Sunday, for sure, however ideally not the God of Friday night.

He can remain up in the clouds making me feel guilty at altar call, however otherwise taking care of more pushing matters while I chatter about my next-door neighbor.

He can remain in His box up until I’ m all set to take Him out! He can be the huge God I pertain to when I think of it, struck a valley in life and truly require Him, or possibly when I lastly get my life directly! I can’ t picture He ’d be intrigued in a mess up like me and my daily ordinary. Possibly I’ ll ask the preacher to wish me or my granny. I indicate, she has like a straight phone line to the huge person!

Yeah, I’ m going to keep God is this faith box. It states I have to follow all the guidelines prior to I can speak with Him individually about my life. Plus my life is quite dull, and I understand ain’ t no one got time for that. I understand that pastor stated as soon as something about Jesus being the brand-new covenant that provides me access to the Father, however I’ m quite sure you need to be ‘ not sinning ’ for that to work. And I understand I heard something about Jesus eliminating my sins and making me brand-new, however I wear’ t understand if that counts if I ’ m still having problem with that a person thing.

That one thing. I understand I can’ t speak to God about that! He ’ s exhausted and most likely ill of me requesting for assist with that. He’ s most likely questioning why I sanctuary’ t licked it. Much better wait up until I get it straightened.

Plus He’ s got great deals of kids to conserve from fires, maltreated Christians overseas to rescue, and disasters to keep one’s cool. He doesn’ t have the time or interest in whether I take the brand-new task, purchase that utilized cars and truck, or volunteer at my kid’ s school. I can look after this, and He can deal with the crucial things.

But exactly what makes up essential to God?

What if me caring my partner makes Him smile? Or exactly what if He delights in when I ask Him to not let it moisten the day of my garage sale? Exactly what if He sees me as His kid similar to the Bible states, and due to the fact that of that, He appreciates every single element of my day? Exactly what if He desires me to ask so that He can respond to? Exactly what if He likes providing me the desires of my heart and revealing me how He can exercise even the smallest information simply for me?

What if we took God from package and let Him reside in our hearts? Exactly what if we understood we can stroll with Him much like Moses did? Each and every day, every minute, speaking with the One who likes us more than anything else in this world?

What if we understood when we restrict our technique to God we’ re actually restricting God?

What if we accepted the relationship He provides and put religious beliefs in package? And while church, neighborhood, responsibility, and guidelines have their function … if they eclipse God’ s grace making Him appear unapproachable, then they’ re refraining from doing exactly what God meant at all.

He wishes to enjoy us, be with us, and belong of whatever we belong of every day. He wishes to stroll hand in hand, hear every issue, and be the center of our life. He desires consistent discussion and continuous trust. Anything less, such as believing some parts of our life put on’ t interest or include Him … that’ s basically God in a box.

And that’ s not where He belongs.

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