We Need To Stop Being Surprised When Taylor Swift Acts Petty And Vindictive

Taylor Swift launched “Look What You Made Me Do” last night, and naturally the web went crazy. We understood a “brand-new” Taylor Swift was coming, however how brand-new was she truly? Taylor herself stated “the old Taylor is dead,” but, she’s still out here, not-so-subtly shading individuals in her music and imitating she’s totally blameless. I suggest, even the extremely title puts the blame on whoever the topic of this tune is (I believe we can all presume it’s Kim and Kanye? Let’s presume it’s Kim and Kanye). The tune title is not “Look What I Did”. It’s “Look What You Made Me Do,” as if Taylor Swift isn’t really a grownup who can make her own choices and opt to take the high roadway and not strike back. As if Taylor Swift herself had not asked to be left out from the really narrative she knowingly kept opting for years, and is sustaining today, with this really tune. And while lots of people were dissatisfied that this self-proclaimed “brand-new Taylor” is truly simply more of the exact same Taylor, I wasn’t. I wasn’t amazed. There’s a quote by Maya Angelou that goes, “When somebody reveals you who you are, think them.”

When Taylor Swift acts petty and vindictive, #ppppp> We require to stop acting shocked. This is who she is. She’s been revealing us for several years.

As we’ve formerly covered thoroughly , Taylor Swift has actually been discussing ex-boyfriends and individuals in her life considering that 2006– that’s over a years earlier. That in itself is not a bad thing. She’s an artist; that’s exactly what artists do. Love is a fantastic composing motivation. There have actually been times when she’s crossed the line. There have actually been circumstances where Taylor has actually supposedly blogged about individuals who she wasn’t romantically included with, in some cases individuals she wasn’t even especially close with, yet individuals she viewed had actually “mistreated” her in one method or another. The prime example of this happened method back in 2010. Prior to there was the Katy Perry fight, prior to there was “Bad Blood”, there was Camilla Belle and “Better Than Revenge”.

The supposed story behind “Better Than Revenge” goes like this: In 2008, Taylor Swift apparently dated Joe Jonas. Soon after their break up (which he supposedly did over the phone, an abhorrent offense back in 2008), he supposedly began dating Camilla Belle. Taylor Swift’s next album in 2010 and included a little tune called “Better Than Revenge”, which many individuals think to be about Camilla. It consists of some option lyrics such as:

Whoa undoubtedly, Taylor. Not just was that slut shaming to state she’s much better understood for the important things she does on the bed mattress, it was simply incorrect at the time. Camilla Belle starred in 2006, and she went on to star in a variety of movies in between 2008-2010: (2008), (2009), (2010). No, she wasn’t much better understood for “things that she does on the bed mattress.” She continues:

And there we have it, right there. Was she disturbed due to the fact that she was sad that her sweetheart disposed her, as the majority of people would naturally be? No– she seethed since somebody took her “toy”, belongings. Something she thinks come from her. Is it the operating feeling among loss, or among privilege? Then she comes right out and states it: “There is absolutely nothing I do much better than vengeance.” Then, why were we shocked about “Bad Blood”? Why are we shocked now? Taylor clearly informed us, in plain English, that she’s in business of vengeance, that retaliation is her strength. She has another lyric, later in the tune, about constantly getting latest thing. It’s strangely suitable here. More than a complete year after the preliminary Kim-Kanye occurrence heard ’round the world, here is Taylor, getting latest thing.

To her credit, Taylor has actually because backtracked on a few of the lyrics in “Better Than Revenge”, stating , “I was 18 when I composed that. When you believe somebody can really take your sweetheart, that’s the age you are. You grow up and understand no one can take somebody from you if they do not desire to leave.”

Still, that’s not precisely an apology. And in addition, that would not be the last time she would utilize her music to shade individuals for apparently small misdeeds in some odd scorched Earth viewpoint. There was “Dear John,” assaulting John Mayer for … being a shitty partner although at the time he was well-known for being a douchebag? Being older than Taylor and still dating her although she would go on to date an 18-year-old? Uncertain. There was “Bad Blood”, which appears to be about Katy Perry “taking” some backup dancers from Taylor … even though she allegedly acknowledged that “no one can take somebody from you if they do not desire to leave.”

And now here we are at “Look What You Made Me Do.” And to be reasonable, this is just one single off the album. Might the album reveal some individual development? Might it reveal Taylor taking some obligation for the important things that take place to her? May she lastly hang up her victim complex, or a minimum of offer it a rest? Possibly. I’m not going to hold my breath, and you should not either. Let’s stop with the faux-outrage, with the zealous protection. Taylor Swift has actually revealed us who she is, she revealed us a very long time back, so it’s about time our company believe her.

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