We Defined The 10 Sex Terms You’re Too Embarrassed To Look Up Yourself

I’ m not going to lie, the research study for this short article was quite traumatic. In between Urban Dictionary, Wikipedia, and Googling “ translated rap lyrics, ” I ’ ve now assembled a relatively extensive list of sex terms you must probs understand however I genuinely hope you put on’ t usage all that frequently. While we’ ve currently covered sex terms you ’ ve heard and didn ’ t wish to inquire about, this list is type of like the darknet variation of that. Best of luck, let ’ s dive in.

1. Eiffel Tower/Spit Roast

These terms explain exactly what seems like a problem I’ m not filthy sufficient to come up with, however I think might be sexually pleasing if you’ re into group sex/extreme stimulation. Particularly, 2 individuals geared up with penis will utilize those penis on a 3rd party, who’ s on all fours in between them(generally a lady, however TBH I put on’ t see why it has to be ). The middle individual will be fucked in their chosen hole on one end, while concurrently drawing somebody’ s cock and psychologically making a note to include “ experienced at multi-tasking ” to their resume. If the 2 males in this circumstance look down at their feet, it’ s called a “ spit roast ” or “ pig roast, ” while if they high 5 over the 3rd individual’ s back it ends up being an Eiffel Tower. If you wear’ t comprehend why, put yourself in the mind of a fuckboy and photo the shapes that these 3 individuals are making with their bodies. Get it? Great, and I’ m sorry.

2. ATM

Once the initialism is broken down, it’ s quite obvious: ass to mouth. A man puts his penis into an ass and after that into a mouth, and does not pass go does not gather 200 dollars does not put it throughout between, like a shower or a huge tub of hand sanitizer (in fact, that would most likely not be a much better alternative pre-mouth). In either case, seems like E. coli waiting to take place, and I’ m puzzled by why either celebration would discover this hot.


Again, very little to this one besides the letters included: it implies “ fat upper pubic location, ” and the Urban Dictionary meaning wonderfully clarifies that it is typically MIS-translated as “ fat upper pussy location. ” AKA this is something that can impact both ladies and males quickly (take that, patriarchy!), however still appears quite indicate if utilized to describe any human. Truthfully, appears a little less like a sex term and more like a body insecurity you didn’ t understand you required. I think its geographical relation to the body parts you utilize for sex makes it appropriate.

4. Rusty Trombone

Like the Eiffel Tower and Spit Roast, somebody took a look at the flesh forms here and developed a diverse, non-quotidian image that slightly resembled it. I think there’ s a limitation to imagination when calling these things, however I want the terms sounded less like they’d been created by dissatisfied circus staff members. Anyhow, a rusty trombone is when a person has his ass consumed (“ tossing salad, ” if you remember from our last sex-term roundup) while the exact same individual jacks him off at the exact same time. Is this exactly what a trombone being played appear like? IDK, and I’ m definitely not Google image browsing this shit (and speaking of shit, please put on’ t make me describe “ rusty ” to you), so let ’ s simply go on and rely on the perv who created this.

5. Felching

Ugh, this is so my least preferred so let’ s simply get it over with. Keep in mind creampies? This is that, however with butts. Urban Dictionary keeps it might likewise describe drawing semen from any old orifice, however generally it’ s a butt. Often a straw is included. I’ m attempting extremely difficult to preserve low judgment with these terms, to each their sexual own and all that, however oh my god. JUDGMENT.

6. Facial/Pearl Necklace

Now that we’ re previous felching, the rest of these are truly simply babytown frolics. If you’ ve viewed enough, or actually any traditional TELEVISION, you ought to understand exactly what this is. When a man orgasms on your face, facial (not the medical spa kind) is. Pearl pendant (not the fashion jewelry kind) is when a man begins your chest with a type of accuracy I’ ve personally never ever seen, “ drawing ” a pendant on you with his orgasm. The names of these terms in fact appear sort of even worse than the others, due to the fact that it looks like males are attempting to deceive females into doing them by calling them after things that ladies currently like. Like “ hi honey, do you wish to get a facial today? Then BOOM. Obvs hope this has actually never ever taken place, however we understand all males are garbage and composing this short article has actually just made me more negative. Sigh.

7. Snowballing/Cum Swapping

Referred to as a sex “ video game ” on Urban Dictionary, this is when individuals pass orgasm from among their mouths to another individual’ s mouth. It’s like the” suck/blow “video game from, just the important things you’re both blowing and drawing is semen. More orgasm might be included this procedure, due to the fact that I think there’ s simply a procession of guys at numerous phases of reaching orgasm, thus a “ snowball ” result. I’ m unfortunate. I ’ m so unfortunate now.

8. Teabagging

Another relatively typical and strangely image-based term. When a man dips his balls into your mouth, teabagging is. Like teabags into tea. You’ ve most likely done this, your buddies have actually most likely done this, and if you didn’ t understand it was called teabagging prior to there’ s truly no have to begin calling it that now. When your next relative deals you a cup of tea, this is simply a reason to turn beet red.

9. Turkey Slap/Mushroom Stamp

This act simply appears like an odd additional fetishization of penis by their owners, however it includes a person slapping somebody throughout the confront with an “ put up or semi-erect ” penis. I ’ m not even sure if it ’ s indicated to be sexual or some screen of power, however it’ s absolutely the most aptly-named term on this list?

10. Swaffelen

Turkey slapping is sort of a sub-category of Swaffelen, however I’ m offering it its own entry due to the fact that it was the Dutch word of the year in 2008 which’ s humorous. It implies “ to strike one ’ s penis consistently versus somebody or something, ” and it ended up being the word of the year after a Dutch trainee was apprehended for swaffling (verb type) versus the Taj Mahal in India. Once again, guys are morons who enjoy their own penis, and I have to go sob into a pillow now.

Will these words be incorporated into everyday descriptions of last night’ s Hinge date? Dear God I hope not, however they do have their usages, primarily for understanding when people are stating revolting things around you and attempting to get away with it by utilizing unusual code. Once again, your sexual orientations are your very own and nobody’ s organisation– however if you ’ re more Disney-Miley than twerk-Miley, seeing these terms in a possible cuff’ s search history is a strong indication to run for the hills. Now go out there and terrify all your buddies at breakfast by teaching them these terms.

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