Turns Out Bill O’Reilly Is An Even Bigger Shitbag Than We Thought

Here’ s some not unexpected news:Bill O ’ Reilly is a trash can of a person. Looking like every gross old male that your mother informs you to prevent at area celebrations, he in fact that gross old guy that coworkers inform you to prevent at, like, your fucking task.

In a series of similarly not-surprising scandals at Fox News, it’ s now been reported by and the (not phony news!) that Good Ole ’ Bill covertly settled among 6(SIX!!!)unwanted sexual advances claims with a network factor for$32 million -which is a fuck lots of cash, even by serial sexual harassement requirements. Did that stop Fox News from restoring his agreement? Naturally not. Actually why would it?

The victim, legal analyst, Lis Wiehl, declared O ’ Reilly consistently bugged her and taken part in “ a nonconsensual sexual relationship ” with her. Accordingto Wiehl, O’Reilly sent her gay porn and “ other sexually specific product, ” which resembles the old individuals variation of random cock photos. In any case, that ’ s fucking nasty and method, method prohibited.

That’s right, gentlemen, it is unlawful to arbitrarily email pornography to your colleagues. Set a suggestion in your phone or something so that you always remember! Obviously a great deal of you are …

In case you ’ ve been living under a rock, O ’ Reilly was release from his task at Fox News after a really casual 6 unwanted sexual advances scandals and settlements were exposed. This settlement is up until now the biggest of the lot, making it the most damning for both Fox News and O’Reilly. Like, is keeping a sexual harasser on your personnel actually worth$32 million? Was actually that great? Probs not.

Of course, though Shitbag Bill(brand-new label!)claims that he is the victim which this is likewise lamestream media lies, his empty AF pockets inform a completely various story. Among hazardous masculinity that threatens and belittles females in the work environment. Mmmmbye!

BILL: It ’ s one unwanted sexual advances match, Michael, exactly what could it cost? 32 Million dollars?

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