Trump Supporter Says He’d Trust The President Before Jesus Christ

A very zealous fan of President Donald Trump appeared on CNN’ s “ New Day ” Monday early morning and revealed simply how far some citizens ’ commitment to the president goes.

Florida company owner Mark Lee, who was on the program as part of a panel of Trump citizens, informed host Alisyn Camerota that if Jesus Christ himself stated Trump had actually conspired with Russia to affect in 2015’ s governmental election, he ’d still be doubtful.

“ Let me inform you. If Jesus Christ comes down off the cross and informed me Trump is with Russia, I would inform him, ‘ Hold on a 2nd, I have to contact the president if it’ s real, ’ ” Lee stated.

Camerota asked Lee why he ’d think Trump over everyone else.

“ I think in him. He’ s a great guy, ” Lee responded. “ He has actually taken a lot shots for us … It’ s based upon whatever he’ s been doing.He ’ s been winning. ”


A year after the governmental election, it’ s been exposed that some members of the Trump project cannot reveal their conferences and contact with representatives of the Russian federal government and an independent probe into the matter is still asking for brand-new details .

None of that, nevertheless, has actually impacted the numerous Trump citizens who still sanctuary’ t stopped supporting the president.

“ I go to Mar-a-Lago whenever he’ s being available in, ” Lee stated.“ I enjoy the person. ”

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