This Netflix ‘Year in Review’ stat is honestly un-bee-lievable

Imagine seeing this nearly as soon as a day for a whole year.
Image: Dreamworks/ Kobal

You will not beelieve just how much some individuals like Bee Movie.

One individual is such a fan that, inning accordance with Netflix, they saw it 357 times in a single year.

That standout figure originates from Netflix’s yearly “Year in Review ” report (by means of Business Insider), which takes a look at viewership information assembled in between November 1, 2016 and November 1, 2017.

The streaming service does not state whether this UK-based customer expanded their Bee Movie love, seeing it about as soon as daily, or simply binged it for 3 and a half weeks directly.

Nor do we understand how or why this individual saw Bee Movie Lots of times. Are they a moms and dad whose kid is hopelessly connected on this film? A bar that’s taken a specific niche as the go-to hangout area for Bee Movie enthusiasts? A bee trying to find guidelines on the best ways to avenge his kind?

Whatever the case, that’s some major dedication.

However, if you enjoy Bee Movie and setting unusual records however dislike effort, there’s are simpler methods to achieve generally the exact same thing.

This video here is Bee Movie accelerated simply a bit each time somebody states “bee.” It comes out to about 7 minutes a watching.

Still excessive time? This video declares to be the whole Bee Movie in simply one 2nd — indicating you can see it 357 times in simply 6 minutes.

Take that, confidential U.K. customer who’s seen Bee Movie method a lot of times.

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