This Family Lost Everything They Owned After One Facebook Post Attracted The Wrong Attention

We have actually all been deceived at least. From Kevin Spacey to Harvey Weinstein , to Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’ s secret relationship , we have actually all been led up the garden course.

However, that didn ’ t make it any much easier for Becky Szenk and Mark Higgins from Walsall, England, who had the whole contents of their home taken after being lured by a sexy Facebook post from a ‘ pub ’. Cluelessly, the young household viewed as$13,500 worth of their own possessions was repelled by an elimination male that they had actually worked with through Facebook. They presumed that it was being provided to their brand-new house, however in real reality, that was the last time they ’d see their belongings– that included Miss Szenk ’ s engagement ring and their 7-month-old child ’ s birth certificate. The couple scheduled ‘ Lee Green ’ to move their valuables from their old house, to their brand-new home; The Horse and Jockey club. They had actually utilized every extra little bit of money that they ’d frugally conserved in order to obtain the bar which was to be their brand-new house and service endeavor. When ‘ Lee Green ’ vanished with their house in the back of a van, they were left with absolutely nothing. ‘ Lee Green ’ and his accomplices swiped their refrigerator freezer, washering and essential documents. The only thing they left was the household ’ s tv, which they ’d decided to take themselves to wait getting harmed. At the time, 22-year-old Miss Szenk and her fianc Mr Higgins, ignored any irregularities as the ‘ elimination guys ’ rapidly cleared their whole house. Their quick action in clearing the home triggered Szenk to comment on their professionalism. “ They were racing in and out of the flat. We simply believed they were being really expert, ” she stated. “ When I talked about how quickly they were finishing their work, among them informed me that ‘ we have a great deal of tasks on today ’. ” “ The males had actually informed me in advance to load all of our valuables into boxes and identify them up plainly– I didn ’ t understand at the time, however they took the most important products. &rdquo

; Once completed, the van was then expected to get to the Horse and Jockey bar, where Higgins was waiting. They never ever got here. “ I have actually never ever wept more in my life than I did on Friday afternoon– I

am so troubled that they have actually taken my engagement ring and my child ’ s toys, ” a sad Szenk remembered. “ For us it ’ s been a huge lesson to find out. I simply hope others can be more cautious about relying on individuals they schedule over social networks as I would dislike for this to take place to anybody else. ” The couple reported the occurrence to the cops, who are presently examining the criminal activity. ‘ Lee Green ’ s ’ Facebook page has actually been taken down. “ It ’ s left us definitely sad. We can get brand-new furnishings however the individual things can not be changed, ” Szenk stated. In an effort to restore their house, the household introduced a GoFundMe page which saw generous donors present$ 5,285. Not just that, however they likewise got$4,000 in contributed products, varying from a sofa to a refrigerator freezer. The household have actually been touched by the kindness of buddies, household, and complete strangers, nevertheless the scars from the occasion still reveal. “ I welcomed them into my house, ” Szenk stated, prior to going on to state how the elimination males had actually seen her seven-month-old child and stopped to talk with her, whilst discussing their own kids. While the household have actually returned on their feet, overwhelmed by the assistance they have actually gotten, they are still sad to have actually lost their individual valuables. “ I ’ ve lost household photos, my very first Mother ’ s Day presents, my engagement bracelet and ring. It was etched, ” Szenk discussed. Their unfortunate story acts as a pointer to all to make sure that you totally rely on those that you use to perform work for you ,which in some cases attempting a more affordable alternative isn ’ t constantly the very best. Facebook isn ’ t all bad. It can be utilized for great, as this female found when users assisted her find her taken bike …

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