These Are The Most Dangerous Sexual Activities In The World, According To Science

People do pass away making love ; if they wear’ t, they can get badly hurt. This is something that’ s infamously tough to rank or classify.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) lets you see the number of individuals in the United States have actually passed away from “ direct exposure to sunshine ”, so it accommodates vampires, however the closest we can discover to sex-based injury seems the really unclear “ overexertion from recurring motions ” and “ direct exposure to vibration.”


Even the quotes for death by means of sex-induced cardiovascular disease differ hugely . One positions the number at around 11,000 victims in the United States alone — mainly senior males, it appears. Another recommends that the number is far lower , in the 10s or numerous individuals per year.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is absolutely nothing except a logistical problem. The very best we can do is rank sexual acts in regards to variety of unintentional injuries they relate to.

So, in rising order — and excluding a few of the more (ahem) creative types of reaching that naughty nirvana — here are the most accidentally hazardous sex acts, inning accordance with science.

6 — Oral Sex

Again, this is challenging to validate, however there are few research studies or reported cases on unintentional injuries as an outcome of foreplay.

You can think of that there’ s a reasonable couple of, naturally– words like “ blowjob ” might be hugely misinterpreted — however whether it’s fellatio or cunnilingus, the threat of unintentional injury is irrelevant. You’ re most likely to hurt yourself if you participate in autofellatio, which has actually been understood to trigger a handful of back injuries.

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5 — Use of Sex Toys or Objects

The issue with attempting to rank this is that sex toys can be found in extremely various shapes, sizes, and types. There’ s no single classification for “ injury through sex toy ” in any clinical research study we can discover.

One analysis, in the journal Sexual Medicine Reviews , keeps in mind that “ urethrovesical foreign bodies result generally from autoeroticism or sexual practices and require personalized management. ” This suggests that items placed into the urethra, which frequently trigger significant damage, are so varied that each treatment is special to the circumstance.

As there’ s merely inadequate information readily available, we’ re going to make a sensible presumption that this is more unsafe than foreplay, however not as dangerous as experiences including a real penis.

4 — Cowgirl

Yes, vaginal tearing is horrible and does take place, however unexpected injuries of this kind are unusual . The vulva and vaginal area are fairly sturdy — after all, infants are a lot more distressing than penises are, in basic, and they make it through that.

The penis itself, nevertheless, is very vulnerable to fracturing, and while unusual, the occurrence of this coitus-based disaster happening is most likely being ignored. As kept in mind by a research study in the International Journal of Impotence Research , “ some clients might be too ashamed to look for medical attention from emergency clinic.”


Several research studies have actually tried to rank numerous sexual positions for many years, typically concentrating on the danger of penile fracture, or PF. The previously mentioned research study, which came out simply this year, discovered that in regards to surgically determined PF injuries, cowgirl was the least dangerous sexual position, representing 10 percent of cases.

3 — Masturbation( and basic hand-to-genital contact)

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Masturbation is definitely one method to trigger injury to the penis, especially if it’ s overzealous. Yes, if you get innovative you might get something wedged into your vaginal area that can trigger lacerations, however once again, you can just flex a penis up until now prior to you hear a dreadful, gut-wrenching pop, followed frequently by a crimson water fountain.

In this sense, “ penile adjustment ”– which, given, likewise includes tucking in your small soldier into your pants and other such jobs — represent 18 percent of all cases of PF, inning accordance with the exact same research study.

Incidentally, inning accordance with the authors, in “ Eastern nations, there is a greater occurrence of cases connected with penile adjustment, ” particularly the kind developed to require your willy to wilt.

“ As numerous clients think that the penis has a bone structure or cartilage, which these are accountable for erections, they might aim to control their penises and make them snap — like fingers, ” they keep in mind. Blimey.

2 — Missionary

The exact same research study locations missionary next, which causes PF in 26 percent of cases. They believe that, unlike any woman-on-top positions, the more regularly energetic nature of the male-dominated sex results in a “ excellent effect at the time of injury ” when the penis slips out for a short minute.

1 — Doggy Style (in basic)

Regardless of gender, and despite the, er, entry point, doggy design appears to lead to most of PF, for the exact same factors as explained above. This research study recommends it is accountable for 41 percent of all PFs.

At this point, a caution is needed. Another research study from 2014, one that took a look at reasons for PF utilizing comparable approaches, pertained to extremely various conclusions.

Writing in the journal Advances in Urology , the group discovered that woman-on-top was the most hazardous (50 percent of PFs), followed by doggy design (29 percent). Penile adjustment was credited to 14 percent of all PFs.

Unlike the more current research study, these academics argue that when the lady is on top, with her complete weight on the penis, it’ s more difficult to stop sex if an injury will happen.

In any case, it’ s tough to understand which research study is more precise, however both rank doggy design rather extremely. On average, it’ s most likely the most dangerous activity in general.

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Incidentally, in both research studies, heterosexual sexual intercourse seems far riskier in regards to PF than homosexual sexual intercourse.

Heterosexual doggy design, for instance, was 10 times most likely to lead to PF than the homosexual equivalent, inning accordance with the 2017 research study. The 2014 research study reports that 10 percent of PF clients were homosexual, and 67 percent were heterosexual. Both research studies include little information sets, so it’s challenging to understand how suitable to the broader world these figures are.

Bonus Round — Fisting

This is explained by an evaluation research study in the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine as “ a possibly harmful and unusual sexual practice, ” one that is “ generally a homosexual activity, however can likewise be a heterosexual or an autoerotic practice.”


Based on the findings of 14 different peer-reviewed research studies, external anal and/or genital injury is observed in 22.2 percent of cases — a higher than one-in-five opportunity. Internal injuries, on the other hand, were discovered in the “ totality ” of clients. We ’d argue, then, that this is the most near-conventional and unsafe sex, due to the fact that some type of injury will constantly happen.

This, obviously, depends upon whether you believe damage to the vaginal area or anus is even worse than a penile fracture. Argue amongst yourselves.

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