The Biggest Hot Mess On ‘Southern Charm’ Isn’t Returning Next Season

fans– who are you? Oh. There, I see you, all 5 of you– I’ve got some problem. Our preferred hot mess, Landon Clements, will not be going back to the program for season 5 . Truthfully I cannot inform how I feel about this news. On the one hand, Landon at finest irritates me whenever she opens her mouth and even appears on screen, and at worst she actively upsets me and makes me enter into a rage blackout. On the other hand, she is a strolling hot mess, which is excellent for TELEVISION drama. Particularly thinking about has essentially absolutely no of the abovementioned drama. Like, now that Kathryn’s (slightly) sane, who is going to bring the flair? Shep and his continuous parade of thots? No, he’s got his own spin-off to concentrate on. Austen and Chelsea? They hardly even go here. Cameran? Well, I suggest, pregnancy brain is a stereotype, so fine possibly we’ve got something here, however it’s not appealing.

Landon informed Bravo’s “I have actually chosen to go back to California where I will be pursuing my profession in property realty. I just recently restored my license and am enjoyed sign up with the group at CLIMB Real Estate.” Is that her daddy’s company? The exact same one she got a cool hundred grand from for babysitting an uninhabited lot? I cannot precisely blame her for going after that simple paper since if so. As well as, where can I send my resume? Landon includes, “While I won’ t be going back to, I ’ m thrilled for this next chapter in my life. ” Honestly, possibly the embarassment of getting turned down by Shep and Thomas was simply excessive to bear. #BeenThere

As unfortunate as I am to see our preferred intoxicated auntie carry on to greener pastures (response: just slightly unfortunate tbh), I am delighted and truthfully shocked that she woke the screw up and recognized there’s no cash to be made in the travel and way of life blog site service. (Says the woman presently composing for a way of life blog site.) In the meantime we do not have information on who, if anybody, will change Landon, so remain tuned on more updates from Vanderpump Rules’ less fascinating and appealing cousin.

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