Straight Outta Context: The 5 Most Misused, & Abused Bible Verses

In a previous short article that I composed, entitled 9 Unbiblical Statements That Christians Believe, it opened with the following declarations: “ One of the best presents that God provided humanity was the Holy Bible since the Bible is actually God exposing Himself and interacting Himself to humanity in composed word.”


The Word of God is an outright requirement. All sixty-six books were influenced and authored by the Holy Spirit of God utilizing 40 human instruments. Orthodox Christianity thinks that in the Scriptures in their initial manuscripts lack mistake and fault. This Bible is not simply a collection of one-liners or quotes however is actually the Word of God. When the Scriptures speak, God is speaking. That is why we should approach the Bible with severe care and intentionality. How it reads, remembered and priced quote is of utmost significance.

However, Christians frequently misconstrue, exaggerate or abuse verses in the Bible. We might turn to the concurrence in the back desiring to discover a verse on a specific topic, checked out the ones recommended, discover a preferred one, and then begin estimating away! Or, perhaps we hear others exaggerating verses, they sound ideal in the minute, so we likewise start spreading out the abuse without putting in the time to study the verse in its author-intended context.

Here is a list of the 5 most misused and mistreated Bible verses:

  1. I can do all things through him who reinforces me. ”– Philippians 4:13

Out of Context: This verse has absolutely nothing to do with soaking a basketball, striking a game-winning crowning achievement, bench-pressing a bus, winning the lottery game, or closing a company offer.

In Context: The Apostle Paul is under home arrest awaiting his trial, where he might potentially be put to death for preaching the resurrection of Jesus. Rather of being beat by regrettable situations, Paul is utilizing this chance to teach the young church in Philippi that he can sustain any and every scenario– ups and highs, downs and lows– due to the fact that he has a strength that just comes from Christ. This supernatural strength to withstand all circumstances and seasons is constantly with Paul since the Holy Spirit of Christ is constantly with him, even in jail.

  1. For where 2 or 3 are collected in my name, there am I amongst them. ”– Matthew 18:20

Out of Context: This verse is normally priced estimate as a motivation to one another when there is low participation for a praise service or provided as a praise throughout a prayer conference. If somebody actually desires to extend this verse, they might utilize it as validation for avoiding church to “ praise ” with their household at house, while the football video game is playing in the background.

In Context: This verse falls particularly within the context of church discipline and handling stubborn followers. It is suggested to be a support to church leaders throughout bumpy rides of caring fight to state that God would exist with the 2 to 3 witnesses as they are deliberate in remedying and bring back a fallen bro or sibling.

  1. “ For I understand the strategies I have for you, states the LORD, prepares for well-being and not for evil, to provide you a hope and a future. ”– Jeremiah 29:11

Out of Context: This verse is generally offered to somebody as a belief throughout a challenging time, or on a graduation card after crossing a phase getting his/her diploma or degree. As a stand-alone pledge, it looks like though God exists to make all of us popular, abundant, healthy, and strongly popular! God states the American Dream over my life!

In Context: This amazing guarantee is offered not to a specific, however to an individuals group– Hebrews banished in Babylon. God guaranteed that He had actually not quit on His individuals which although things looked alarming, they still had a hope and a future! The word “ flourish ” doesn ’ t refer to cash or product true blessings; it refers to spiritual and physical redemption. It’ s a lovely guarantee that God is refrained from doing with His individuals which their future and hope were just discovered in Him. The pledge is that He will see His strategies through, and His individuals get to belong of them.

  1. “ Judge not, that you be not evaluated. ”– Matthew 7:1

Out of Context: We’ re living in a day that values tolerance above all, unless, obviously, somebody disagrees with our way of lives, beliefs, or viewpoints; then, we’ re exceptionally intolerant. We might even boldly scream, “ Only God can evaluate me! ” However, this is Tupac faith, not Biblical faith.

In Context: This verse is not a caution versus speaking up versus specific actions or habits. In other locations of Scripture, we’ re informed “ we ’ ll understand them by their fruit. ” We ’ re likewise commanded in the Great Commission to “ make disciples, ” that includes assisting others wage war versus sin. Matthew 7 is a caution versus self-righteousness and hypocrisy. If we’ re going to fix somebody, then we should anticipate to be held to the very same requirement. We can anticipate to be evaluated with hostility if we evaluate with aggressiveness. Although we eliminate the slab in our eye, Jesus still states we need to get rid of the speck in our sibling’ s.

  1. “ Be still, and understand that I am God. I will be honored amongst the countries, I will be honored inthe earth! ”– Psalm 46:10

    Out of Context: Honestly, the most typical travesty devoted towards this verse is that just a piece of this verse is priced estimate. On coffee-mugs, desktop screensavers with roses in the background, and paintings with a mountain, you’ ll see an area of this verse took from the entire idea: “ Be still, and understand that I am God.


    In Context: The biggest justice we can offer this verse is to really estimate it in its whole. What an amazing convenience and pointer to understand that we can be still and understand that God remains in control. As His individuals, we can rest in the reality that He will be honored in the countries throughout the earth, and there is absolutely nothing that can stop God from achieving His will.

    Everything God states and does is deliberate. Every word in the Scriptures is on function and positioned in the particular context that He desires. We should be mindful with the Word of God and be deliberate in how we speak this Word!

    “ All Scripture is breathed out by God and successful for mentor, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the male of God might be total, geared up for each great.

    — 2 Timothy 3:16 — 17

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