Stephen Fry recovering from cancer op

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Media caption Stephen Fry: “It’ s a little bit of a company having an operation like that”

Stephen Fry is recuperating from surgical treatment for prostate cancer and stated “everything appeared to go quite well”.

The broadcaster, who had his operation in early January, stated on his site: “They took the prostate out,” including: “So far as we understand it’s all been got.”

He stated it was an “aggressive” cancer however it “does not appear” to have actually spread out.

The previous QI host included: “For the minute I’m in shape and well and delighted and I simply wished to let you understand since rumours had actually begun to swirl.”

In the video on his website , he stated: “You need to recuperate which’s exactly what I’ve been doing.”

He stated his household and “my beloved, beloved spouse” Elliott Spencer had actually been “simply wonderful”.

” Here’s hoping I’ve got another couple of years left on this world since I delight in life at the minute which’s a wonderful thing to be able to state, and I ‘d rather it didn’t disappear,” he included.

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Image caption Fry stepped down as Baftas host last month

His condition was provided a Gleason Score – a scale utilized to rank the aggressiveness of prostate cancer – of 9 from 10 prior to the operation, where cosmetic surgeons eliminated 11 lymph nodes.

Fry included that he needed to get utilized to the concept of the medical diagnosis, stating: “I walked around stating to myself, ‘I’ve got cancer. Excellent paradises, Stephen, you’re not the sort of individual who gets cancer.’

” I understand it’s an old cliche however you do not believe it’s going to take place to you.”

He prompted guys to obtain their PSA [prostate particular antigen] levels consulted a physician.

” I usually felt my life was conserved by this early intervention, so I would prompt any of you guys of a particular age to obtain your PSA levels inspected,” he stated.

NHS Choices states there are advantages and disadvantages of having the test, which can be undependable and trigger unneeded concern.

What is prostate cancer?

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