Some Very Specific TV Role Models

Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development’

Arrested Development

It may appear unusual to have actually a founded guilty felon/functioning alcoholic on a list of good example, however if I wind up 10% as able and positive to not-give-a-fuck as Lucille Bluth when I grow older, I’ll have won. If I’m being genuine, being able to constantly roam around my stunning apartment or condo in a brocade pantsuit while slackly holding a martini sounds like my perfect future. Plus her genuinely “no fucks provided “mindset and capability to get Judy Greer in a drinking contest are both qualities/skills I believe would I want to have.

Quinn from UnReal ‘


The level of control that Quinn keeps over whatever and everybody on is my wanted visual. I’m undoubtedly more of a Rachel however one day I want to change into a badass bitch swan and have the ability to snap my fingers and make whatever occur in 2 seconds flat. And do so without fretting that I’ll screw up my best bangs.

Julie Cooper Nichol from The O.C. ‘

The O.C.

Some individuals take a look at JCN and see a gold digger, I see a lady who understands precisely what she desires and isn’t really&scared to obtain a little unclean in order to get it. Some individuals roll over and simply accept whatever hand is dealt their method, Julie Cooper Nichol states fuck it to the hand and reshuffles till she’s sure she can see her method to a win. Plus anybody who can routinely manage leopard print has actually plainly has actually found out something I have not.

Jennifer Barkley from Parks and Rec ‘

Parks &Rec

It’s intriguing to me that a female who understands precisely what she desires, is unapologetic about how great she is&at her task, and sets her own guidelines is viewed as nearly a” bad guy.” Oh wait no it’s not, society!!!&I like Jennifer Barkley. I desire have her drive &, her one-liners, and her hair. Since I feel in lOvE with her, I do not care if she was expected to be unlikeable.

More! Working! Females! Who! Love! Their! Professions! Like! A! Partner! Please!

Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy’

Grey’s Anatomy

Earlier today among my pals sent me a&ranking of every couple from and we both DIED due to the fact that # 16 was Cristina Yang and Surgery. My preferred aspect of Cristina Yang( aside from ) is that she chose not to jeopardize on exactly what she desired&. Even when she enjoyed somebody a lot, she never ever– even for a SECOND– lost sight on either her love for herself or the important things she desired for herself. And if that does not make somebody a goddamn good example I’m uncertain exactly what does.

Colleen Donaghy from

’30 Rock’

30 Rock

Someday when I’m older, I wish to call an NBC page by the incorrect name while using a fantastic hat for a whole day and see if he ever is brave enough to fix me.

Kris Jenner, Matriarch from Keeping Up With The Kardashians’

Keeping Up with The Kardashians

Say whatever you desire about the Kardashians, I genuinely do not care. You’re delusional if you do not believe Kris Jenner is one of the most fantastic minds in company today. That lady made a billion dollar market from almost absolutely nothing. She offered us American royalty. And between all of it, she handled to conceal her youngest child’s pregnancy from the whole world. The Devil strives, however Kris&Jenner works harder.

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