Scott Disick Admits He’s Still In Love With Kourtney Kardashian & Her Response Is Cringeworthy

10 years is a long period of time — simply ask the Kardashians. The 10-year reunion special of revealed simply how far they’ve come as a household. Program host and developer, Ryan Seacrest, played some never-before-seen clips and TODD KRAINES MADE AN APPEARANCE. It was clear that there has actually been one continuous in the lives of all the Kardashians: Scott Disick. They frequently describe him as household, no matter exactly what his dating status is with Kourtney Kardashian. Our host and brave leader, Seacrest, came down to service about him and Kourtney, and fans will leave the unique with one big concern addressed: Does Scott Disick still enjoy Kourtney Kardashian?

Scott and Kourtney are the supreme on-again, off-again couple. In case you’re questioning, this has actually been taking place for the previous 10 years. Scott and Kourtney’s dating timeline gets a little complex. Inning accordance with, we have actually understood Scott Disick for as long as we’ve understood the Kardashians.

2007: The initial episode of airs in October. Kourtney and Scott had not been together that long, however the very first season concentrates on their pregnancy scare.

2009: Kourtney and Scott separate for the very first time. Scott was captured red-handed texting a female called “ My Wife ” in his contacts. Do you wish to hear something gross? In 2009, Sofia Richie, Scott’s existing reported fling , would have been 11. Ewwww. Scott and Kourtney did return together simply a couple of months after this very first separation.

2009: In December, their very first kid, Mason, was born. All of us saw Kourtney’s labor on still aiming to forget it.

2010: Scott’s drinking and partying begins leaving control. On a telephone call with Scott throughout an episode of, Kourtney stated,

You’re not going to be around Mason while you’re dealing with yourself … There’s not even a one percent opportunity … I cannot do this any longer. I like Mason more than I like you. Which’s exactly what it is.

2011: Scott proposes to Kourtney throughout the very first season of. She stated no. Maj awk.

2012: Scott and Kourtney’s child, Penelope, is born.

2014: In November, Scott offers rehabilitation a shot, however winds up leaving early. Their 3rd kid, Reign, is born in December.

2015: Scott offers rehabilitation another shot in Costa Rica.

2015: Kourtney and Scott separate after photos reveal Scott partying on a private yacht with of ladies.

2016: Scott and Kourtney take a household journey to Mexico with the kids. They appear on the course to obtaining back together.

Between then and now is a variety of strange images recommending Scott and Kourtney are back together combined with Scott socializing with random designs. They genuinely have a strange relationship, however something stays continuous — the stability for their kids. Throughout the 10-year anniversary unique, Kourtney made it really clear that the 2 put a huge focus on co-parenting and strive to keep that balance. When Scott signed up with the household throughout the TELEVISION unique he confessed,

She’s the only individual I’ve ever liked in my life.

The crowd discharge a huge “ awww ” and Kourtney smiled. He continued,

We have a gorgeous relationship where we’re able to take a trip with our household, however certainly it is challenging for the intimacy side … it’s hard.

Scott ensured us he’s “ jerking off quite heavy ” for intimacy. Traditional Disick. It’s evident that the 2 of them have no idea where their relationship lies the majority of the time.

When Seacrest asked if there was a possibility the 2 might return together , Kourtney jokingly stated,


I imply,

the debauchery that has actually gone on has actually absolutely closed the door a number of million times.

These 2 appear to like a little drama. Scott even included,


Every time I end up being too great of an individual, she

stops caring me since she fell for a person who’s a little f * cked up.

Whether that holds true or not, things got a little uncomfortable when Scott took the jokes a little too far. Scott got down on one knee and stated, “ Is this out of the concern for you? ” Everybody froze in worry at the phony proposition, however Scott instantly began breaking up. A wave of relief cleaned over everybody and Khlo stated,


Oh my God, I was going to hellip &state; not the correct time.

As it ends up, Scott’s lots of flings do not truly appear to stage Kourtney. If he dates other females, Seacrest asked Scott. Scott responded no, however included a wink so all of us understand that he for sure gets a great deal of ass. Thanks, bud.


Sofia Richie identified shopping with Scott Disick at Beverly Hills( September 17)

— Sofia Richie (@SofiaRichieTeam) September 20, 2017




Seacrest asked if Kourtney was OKAY with this and she stated,

Yes.It’s not dating it’s simply …

Then Kim inserted with &ldquo

; boning. ” And all of us concurred. Essentially, no one

understands exactly what’s happening with Kourtney and Scott– not even them. I believe Kylie finest summed it up when she stated, “ I’m rooting for them, I like Skort. ” Same, Kylie, exact same.


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