Police officers allegedly refused service at a Texas Whataburger

Denison Police Chief Jay Burch (c)with Sgt. Chris Kuhn(l) and Sgt. Holly Jenkins( r).(Denison Police Department)

A Texas cops chief is speaking up after he states a worker at a regional dining establishment chose not to serve 2 of his officers early Saturday.

Denison Police Chief Jay Burch blogged about exactly what took place in a prolonged post on the Department’ s Facebook page. He stated the officers were cursed at by the female worker who declined service which the dining establishment supervisor’ s just reaction was “ I wear ’ t enter politics. ”

“ If a company does not desire law enforcement officer as consumers, simply let us understand , ” Burch composed. “ There ’ s no have to curse us and make a scene, simply let us understand you wear’ t desire us there and we ’ ll go elsewhere.”

He included, “ Now going elsewhere in Denison in the middle of the night is hard since our officers put on’ t have lots of choices. What actually gets my goat with such an event is that while the majority of us are sleeping — sleeping!, the officers are out there striving to keep us safe when aiming to take a break to consume — they face this kind of reception from a staff member of a regional company and management calls it ‘ politics ’? ”

Burch never ever called the dining establishment. The Sherman Herald Democrat reported that the officers were declined service at the Whataburger in Denison simply after midnight Saturday.

“We’ re taking this claim seriously and examining the information to take suitable action, ” a Whataburger Corporate Communications representative informed Fox News Saturday. “ We support the efforts of police in our neighborhoods and think in serving all our clients with regard.”

Denison Sgt. Holly Jenkins stated on Facebook that the worker was unapologetic, revealed her hatred towards cops and stated she would continue to decline service to policeman.

Whataburger in Denison, Texas. (Google Street View)

Jenkins stated the 2 officers were served by another staff member.

“ I am saddened, upset and dissatisfied about the treatment these 2 officers got today, ” she stated. “ However, when Whataburger or their personnel call, we will react. We will not be reluctant. We will react with professionalism, guts and empathy.”

Burch started his post by stating that he gets it, “ particularly with the anti-police rhetoric from the nationwide media and police-hate groups we see in the nation, that lots of people purchase into that rhetoric and dislike cops.”

He included, “ Most of those that I have actually stumbled upon in my profession that hate polices are extremely acquainted with us since numerous have a prolonged history of arrests or have good friends or relative with such a history. I get all this and we get utilized to it for the many part.”

The chief stated a manager went to the dining establishment later and talked to the staff member.

The worker declared “ police officers battered my sweetheart and are racists, ” Burch stated. When Denison officers detained him a couple of weeks earlier, he included that the female informed the manager her partner was “ beat up ”.

Burch stated the manager went to the station and discovered the paperwork of the arrest and after that examined the video of the arrest from the apprehending officer ’ s rush web cam.

“ It was a ‘ regular ’ arrest, ” Burch stated. “ There was no physical run-in and nobody hurt. Thestaff member was just lying about her sweetheart getting ‘ beat up ’ by cops.”