One house, two countries: This home is unique as it gets

(CNN)Imagine going into through the front door of a two-story home in Beebe Plain, Vermont, then going out to the yard and standing in Standstead, Quebec.

Brian DuMoulin, 71, acquired the home from his auntie over 40 years earlier. Integrated in 1782, the nine-bedroom, three-bathroom historical structure called the “Old Stone House” rests on the United States and Canadian border. The south side deals with Canusa Street in Vermont, a name referencing the 2 nations where the structure stands. DuMoulin is now aiming to offer the house, which has actually been uninhabited for several years, however it hasn’t been simple. He informed CNN affiliate WCAX that he has yet to accept any deals.
The scenario of the house enabled the initial owners to carry out company on both sides of the border, a catch that attracted DuMoulin’s auntie who got the home in the 1950s.