Milo Yiannopoulos is representing himself in courtand the internet is roasting his case

Noted reactionary provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos ended up being the laughing stock of the web after the initial draft of his canceled Simon &&Schuster book, Dangerous, dripped with some quite severe editorial feedback . Now, brand-new files from the New York County Clerk expose Yiannopoulos’ suit versus the book publisher has actually taken a fascinating turn.

Yiannopoulos has actually become his own lawyer.

Last month, Yiannopoulos remained in court formally withdrawing his law practice, Meister Seelig &&Fein, from representing him. This turned the reactionary figure into his own legal agent in court.

Why dismiss his counsel? Well, Yiannopoulos partially associates that to a “break-down in between me and my agents.” He likewise highlights another factor. Obviously, Simon &&Schuster turned over specific files to Yiannopoulos’ law practice for his counsel to study, however might not be seen by Yiannopoulos himself. This wound up taking precedent throughout the January case, as Yiannopoulos required the court provide him authorization to see the files.

” There is no reason that I need to not be admitted to files that are definitely necessary in order for me to effectively evaluate my own case,” Yiannopoulos informed the court .

To which Judge Barry R. Ostrager reacted, “That’s not going to take place.”