Logan Paul drops new YouTube video, and he’s back to being his old self

Logan Pau l is back to his regular, typical self. And there’ s practically no doubt that the YouTube video he dropped on Sunday will trigger a reaction, mainly due to the fact that he’s still being, in his own words, a “ chach . ”

In case you missed it, Paul just recently published a video from a Japanese “ suicide forest ” that led and triggered a global outcry to YouTube kicking him from the Google Preferred Program , dramatically cutting his incomes from the channel.

Other YouTubers non-stop slammed him , and Android video games were produced to make enjoyable of his dilemma.

But late last month, he published a video on suicide awareness that appeared genuine, and throughout an interview recently on Good Morning America, he stated he ’ s a hero who made a bad choice which he will end up being a much better individual.

On Sunday after, just a couple of hours prior to the Super Bowl, he dropped this video where he plays the function of Tom Hanks in Castaway, enters a brawl with a little individual, and non-stop promotes his product (he blames YouTube for cutting his revenues in half, and he stated he has to keep his estate). He likewise states he ’ s being demanded $4 million, and for a couple of minutes, he discusses how he ’ s gotten himself through his self-made debate.

Here ’ s Paul ’ s brand-new video.

If you dislike Logan Paul, you ’ re most likely going to dislike this video. If you believed, from now on, all Logan Paul ’ s videos were going to be wellconsidered and delicate, you ’ re most likely going to be dissatisfied. If you believed Logan Paul would go back to being the vlogger he ’ s constantly been, you ’ re not going to be amazed.

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