Laughing at ISIS to defeat them

Mumbai, India (CNN)Deep in the borders of Mumbai, India, stashed in a little meeting room amongst lots of structures referred to as Bollywood’s “Film City,” the United States federal government is carrying out a special, and previously, unidentified counterterrorism program focused on decreasing the online impact of fear groups like ISIS – by teasing them.

      “There are a couple of federal government managed YouTube accounts that put out anti-ISIS videos, the Global Engagement Center by the State Department has actually put out about 42 videos in the last number of years however you understand, they’ve gotten a combined overall of about 55,000 views,” Mathur stated. The majority of the State Department videos have hundreds or a couple of countless views, although there are some exceptions. One video that sets graphic and exceptionally violent material with paradox has near to a million views, however that video is likewise a number of years of ages.

      “So, if you’re a 16-year-old kid in Islamabad, exactly what would you rather see: an interesting action film that appears like “Call of Duty” or a PSA from Uncle Sam? You would enjoy the action motion picture,” states Mathur of videos put out by ISIS rather than the others from the federal government. “But exactly what if we might resist with our own amusing videos that didn’t appear like federal government PSA’s due to the fact that they weren’t made by the federal government, they were made by regional, social networks super stars that regional individuals really admired and delight in seeing.”

        Asked about the program a representative for the State Department used this remark: