Katy Perry surprises ‘Idol’ contestant with kiss and he says he was ‘uncomfortable’

FILE: Katy Perry seen at the 2017 MTV Video Awards in Inglewood, California.(Reuters)

Katy Perry might have believed she was being adorable and enjoyable when she planted a surprise initially kiss on a boy auditioning for the reboot of “ American Idol, ” however the teenager in concern is now stating that he didn ’ t enjoy it one bit.

As formerly reported , Perry captured flak on social networks for being extremely flirty with the male candidates on the revamped ABC series. The most significant which was with Benjamin Glaze. Simply 19 at the time of the taping, the cashier from Enid, Okla. hoped he ’d get his huge musical break on the program. Rather, he had a right of passage required on him after discussing he was waiting for an unique celebration.

“ Would I have done it if she stated, ‘ Would you kiss me? ’ No, I would have stated no, ” he informed The New York Times . “ I understand a great deal of men would resemble, ‘ Heck yeah! ’ But for me, I was raised in a conservative household and I was uneasy right away. I desired my very first kiss to be unique. ”

For those who missed it, Glaze went into the audition space where he pointed out that his task as a cashier enabled him to satisfy “ adorable women. ” Fellow judge Luke Bryan jokingly asked if he ’d kissed a woman and liked it, a nod to Perry ’ s well-known pop tune.

“ I have actually never ever remained in a relationship and I can ’ t kiss a woman without remaining in a relationship ” he stated.

Perry bought him to come over and offer her a kiss on the cheek. He complied, however she requested for another. This time, she turned her head and planted a kiss right on his lips. From there, the shocked artist was up to the ground, needed to gulp down a glass of water and offer his audition. The judges didn ’ t put him through to the next round.

While he was not on board with the kiss, Glaze states he does not feel he was sexually pestered and, after giving with his good friends, thinks the kiss didn ’ t count as his. At a time when individuals in program service are reevaluating their technique to social encounters in the wake of the “ #MeToo ” and “ Time ’ s Up ” motions, the minute is a bad appearance for Perry.