Jay Leno Knows Why Jimmy Fallon Is Back On Top

Jay Leno has some guidance for our late-night hosts: take a Trump break.

Leno was just recently talked to for The Hollywood Reporter’s “Awards Chatter” podcast , and spoke about the present environment of late-night tv and how it varies from when he was hosting “The Tonight Show.” Donald Trump tiredness may have something to do with it.

“I was fortunate. I did it at a time when Bush was dumb and Clinton was randy,” he stated about his time as a late-night host. “I didn’t concern any person’s intention, I simply questioned their judgement. Now, I discover it’s anti-women, it’s anti-gay. There’s an unfavorable … I miss out on the ridiculous aspect. I believe the factor Fallon is primary– and I believe he’s top once again, its been close this year, it’s backward and forward– is because, at some time, you wish to utilize TELEVISION as an escape. Look, I simply wish to have a couple of laughs prior to I go to sleep, that’s all.”

Kevin Winter through Getty Images

“The Tonight Show” has, in truth, seen an increase since late, when it topped Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” in general audience Memorial Week while in repeats, which is notable after weeks of tracking “The Late Show” in overall audiences considering that the Inauguration. NBC’s Fallon-hosted program likewise triumphed for the week of June 12-16 in the 18-49 market, TELEVISION By The Numbers formerly reported. It has actually regularly held this demonstration over the Colbert competitors.

Leno– who, likewise to Fallon , primarily stayed away from politics throughout his operate on “The Tonight Show” prior to bailing out in 2014– isn’t really safeguarding Trump. He does not like him and he didn’t elect him. He would like to see things “played a little bit more down the center.”

“I do not like Trump, I cannot stand the man, I do not like him personally,” he stated, per THR. “But the continuous unfavorable Trump things on a nighttime basis? I believe it has a devastating impact on individuals. Individuals are simply, ‘Oh, gosh, I do not wan na view TELEVISION any longer. This is simply the very same thing every night.'”

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