Jaffa quake as McVitie’s cuts pack sizes

Image copyright United Biscuits

The variety of Jaffa Cakes has actually been cut from 12 to 10 in the current example of packaged food “shrinkflation”.

The packs weigh 122 grams instead of 150 grams, however McVitie’s has actually cut the suggested cost from £ 1.15 to 99p.

Twin packs, which now have 20 cakes instead of 24, are now £ 1.89 instead of £ 2.19.

“These modifications represent the exact same cost per cake, nevertheless, rates eventually stays at the sole discretion of merchants,” the company stated.

Tesco and Sainsbury were both offering a box of 10 for £ 1.

On online company Ocado, packages were priced at £ 1.19.

A McVitie’s representative included: “There is no modification in the size, shape or weight of specific cakes in the McVitie’s Jaffa Cake variety.”

That, naturally, did not stop fanatics requiring to Twitter to reveal their sensations about the “Jaffa quake”.