“It Forced Me into the Arms of God”: Jim Caviezel on Rising to Fame in Hollywood

Not lots of stars have the benefit of playing an apostle and the Son of God (two times) in significant Hollywood movies, however Jim Caviezel is on track to do simply that.

With the substantial box-office success of “ The Passion of the Christ ” that generated $611 million worldwide, fans are on the edges of their seats expecting the release of its follow up along with the movie “ Paul, Apostle of Christ, ” where Caviezel stars as the apostle Luke.

In a Facebook Live with Faithwire previously today, the star opened about exactly what it’ s like playing such substantial functions also browsing the Hollywood scene as a Christian.

“ It ’ s a substantial obligation, ” Caviezel states of handling the function of renowned scriptural figures. He discussed that an included obstacle with producing faith-based movies is keeping a high-production quality in addition to scriptural precision.

“ Our market many times when they get a movie that is scriptural, they alter it in lots of methods, the principles … 2 and 2 isn’ t 5, ” stated Caviezel. “ When you begin doing that and taking liberties like that, it loses its worth.”


When inquired about exactly what it ’ s prefer to be a Christian in Hollywood, the star responded with a basic yet extensive example:

“ It ’ s like water all around you and absolutely nothing to consume. You understand if you head out to the ocean and you consume the saltwater, you’ ll die. ”


Caviezel, a practicing Catholic, discussed that it was his grounded faith in God that assisted him fight the temptations that a lot of others fall victim to in his market:

“ Some of the stars wished to enter into other kinds of home entertainment, drugs and exactly what not, and I believe it would have referred time prior to I began that bad routine and gone to the incorrect locations … I had adequate knowledge from the faith I currently had that that’ s not going to make me pleased, and I needed to choose at an actually young age. Since I had no place else to go, it required me into the arms of God. The Spirit is truly crucial since it assists encourage your psychological abilities in acting as well as your physical abilities.&rdquo


The Jesus star likewise opened about how living a loyal way of life and “ warring versus [his] own flesh ” prior to his popularity assisted him to browse the Hollywood scene with humbleness.

“ I entered business, and Jesus brought me like a little lamb, ” stated Caviezel. “ At some point I ended up being well-known. And now I have the power, and our Lord is as if He ended up being the lamb, and at any point, I might state ‘ You understand exactly what, for this function, sorry bud, I got ta massacre you. It’ s me now. ’ And I never ever did that. ”

He shared that it’ s been challenging to reject a few of the financially rewarding functions he’ s been provided that would jeopardize his worths, however the benefit has actually been more than worth it. The star in fact called rejecting the functions “ good sense, ” as the threat is merely not worth the benefit.

“ My present is from God, ” Caviezel states of his acting capability. He intends to continuously move forward in a profession course that will be glorifying to Him alone. “ It was a present provided to me. I didn’ t provide it to myself.”


See more about Caviezel’ s faith background and his approaching movies in the complete Faithwire interview listed below:


Actor Jim Caviezel goes over faith, life, Hollywood and his brand-new scriptural legendary!

Posted by Faithwire on Thursday, March 1, 2018

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