“I Dont Judge Them”: Kathie Lee Gifford Reveals Why She Called Harvey Weinstein & Bill Cosby After Their Sex Scandals Broke

When scandal surface areas, the general public fasts to catch the wrongdoer like a pack of wolves — and typically truly so, in the sense that looking for justice is a worthy pursuit.

But typically, on the scale that stabilizes justice and grace, the latter can be exceeded by the wave of rage following the misdeed.

Perhaps there’ s no higher example of this than the current Harvey Weinstein scandal, where the motion picture magnate was implicated of sexually attacking lots of ladies. Unsurprisingly, the news stimulated mass public outrage and produced the effective #MeToo motion in its wake.

But in numerous of these cases, while everybody else was tossing stones at the wrongdoers, TODAY Show host Kathie Lee Gifford described why she got the phone to call the culprits who rapidly ended up being the most disliked guys in America over night.

In an interview with Andy Cohen, the 49-year-old host asked Gifford if she connected to Bill Cosby and Weinstein after news of their sexual claims broke.

She responded, “ Yes, I ’ ve been buddies with Bill a long, very long time … Harvey Weinstein was a pal of mine for 30 years.”


While Weinstein didn ’ t get the phone, she had the ability to leave him a message.

As a victim of sexual attack herself, Gifford made it clear that she doesn’ t take their deeds gently.


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“ Since I entered into this company as a teenage lady, I have actually been sexually pestered, I have actually been sexually mistreated and I have actually been date raped. And wear’ t inform me they ’ re all the very same, due to the fact that they are not– they are not the exact same, ” she informed Andy. “ I wear ’ t wish to toss everyone on the very same manure stack. Being a jerk is not the like being a rapist. It simply isn’ t. ”

Still, whether it be harassment or rape, the TELEVISION character securely thinks that the blood of Jesus covers all who look for forgiveness, and those considered openly as “ beasts ” for their sins are no exception in the eyes of God.

“ I simply desire individuals to understand I put on’ t judge them. ” stated Gifford. “ I wear ’ t like exactly what they do, however God understands their hearts and there ’ s wish for them. And youcan ’ t call yourself a good friend when, the very first minute where there’ s problem, you run. That’ s called a fair-weather pal … which’ s not a buddy at all.&rdquo


She elaborated that while she in no other way discovers their habits appropriate, she does think our world has to put a much heavier focus on grace:

“ I hope individuals aren ’ t misconception this. I am not stating that type of habits remains in any method appropriate. It isn’ t and it ’ s terrible, as a lady who ’ s experienced it, it ’ s terrible. Can we at least look at each private case and see it for it exactly what it is and be merciful to individuals that are sorry for exactly what they’ ve done? If we stop having grace as a part of our vocabulary, Andy, our world will totally pass away.&rdquo


Her action after the Matt Lauer scandal appeared echoed her message motivating a mindset of grace.

After Lauer was fired, Gifford shared that she sent her previous TODAY co-anchor a text that merely checked out “ I love you.”


“ No one is ideal in this world, ” she stated soon following Lauer’ s termination. “ What we require now is forgiveness and grace for one another. I send my love to the individual who stepped forward. May God recover that individual. I send it to Matt his kids and his other half.”


“ We ’ re damaged and we require somebody to put us back together, ” she included. “ It is so possible, I am living evidence of it. I didn’ t mean to go to church however often, you got ta go to church.”


While she’ s as horrified by the actions of these guys as the rest of America, Gifford has actually plainly made an effort to separate the sinner from the sin, as Jesus did.

As Christians, I hope all of us gain from her example to promote for grace as passionately as we’ ve promoted for justice.

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