‘I can’t forget that night’

Ankara, Turkey (CNN)– On the night of July 15 in 2015, tanks rolled into the streets of Turkey’s 2 biggest cities . Soldiers obstructed the popular Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, bombs struck the parliament structure in the capital Ankara, and a helicopter taken by rogue pilots was shot down by an F-16 jet.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was numerous miles away at a seaside resort when the coup, installed by a faction of the military, got underway. By the time Erdogan emerged to deal with the country through FaceTime hours later on, it had actually currently started to fizzle.
Roughly 250 individuals passed away withstanding the soldiers who participated in the uprising, and countless supposed plotters were assembled the next day. Erdogan declared his banished previous ally Fethullah Gulen lagged the effort, a charge the US-based cleric rejected .