How Much Did Taylor Nolan’s Engagement Ring Cost? An Investigation

As all of us understand by now, this year’ s shit program of a season did lead to some love being discovered, in spite of all the chances. Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan got engaged on last night’ s finale, and as much as we enjoy to roast Taylor for her sober psychological health therapist way of life, we need to confess the ring is good . Excellent task, Neil Lane. You’ ve lastly made whatever it is you produce appearing on one episode per season. Congrats.

From exactly what we’ ve collected, the ring is a 2-carat diamond (is that a lot? I actually understand absolutely nothing about rings and will probs never ever be wed) with a “ romantic yet conventional ” ambiance, which obviously is how Neil would explain Derek and Taylor. I imply, I’d explain them more as “ an irritating yawn-fest, ” however IDK how that would equate into a ring so “ romantic yet standard ” it is!

The ring includes one center round diamond, 2 trapezoid diamonds, and 2 tapered baguette cut diamonds, however like … what does it cost? did it cost? IDK. What does it cost? is human self-respect and one messed up psychological health profession worth?

According to Kay Jewelers, 2-carat rings from Neil Lane can cost anywhere in between $1,800 and $6,800, so you’d much better think Derek and Taylor will be sticking for a minimum of 2 years so they can have a genuine relationship keep the damn ring.

But due to the fact that I have no life am incredibly devoted to journalistic stability, I actually pasted the expression and copied “one center round diamond, 2 trapezoid diamonds, and 2 tapered baguette cut diamonds” into Google and BAM. I discovered exactly what wants to the inexperienced and naked eye (aka mine) like Taylor’s ring, on some website called Blue Nile . I indicate, simply take a look at this then inform me it’s not the precise very same ring as Taylor’s:

This ring costs $7,580, which would lead me to presume that Taylor’s ring is on the greater end of Neil Lane’s cost variety. I suggest, you’ve got to consider his look charges and that he needed to speak to Derek for more than 30 seconds. There we have it, this ring cost a shit load of loan that I’m presuming neither Taylor nor Derek in fact has to their name. Which’s exactly what we in business prefer to call a shown up.

Anyway, congrats I think to Dereck and Taylor on being the only decent thing that occurred this season. If all else stops working, you got a great ring out of the offer, which is more than 90% of participants ever get.

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