Hillary Clinton to ‘View’ pals: ‘I won the popular vote’

Hillary Clinton’s check out to “The View” began with warm, long hugs, and ended with a present.

The previous Democratic governmental prospect got in the phase to Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” and “The View” co-hosts’ excited greetings.

Whoopi Goldberg’s intro was disrupted a number of times by cheers from the audience as Clinton took her seat. When Clinton lost the election, #peeee

Joy Behar revealed how surprised she was.

“I made certain you were going to win” Behar informed Clinton, to which Clinton reacted to a laughing crowd, “So was I.”

“I entered into grieving” Behar stated, as the screen behind her revealed the liberal host on election night using a black veil.

As the interview went on, Clinton and the ladies of “The View” sympathized over why the 69-year-old previous Secretary of State lost the election to a male with no political experience.

“I argue in the book, and I am delighted that other independent experts have actually reached the very same conclusion,” Clinton stated. “I would have won if it wasn’t for [the Comey letter.]

Clinton stated it was just on election night that she understood she was not going to win.

“It was a shock … it wasn’t up until that night that it actually struck me,” Clinton remembered.” [Costs and I] didn’t sob that night … I compose truly painfully about exactly what occurred that night. I seemed like I needed to be strong for my household and my buddies and my advocates and I had not invested anytime considering a concession speech.”

Goldberg aimed to make Clinton feel much better by informing her no Democratic prospects have actually won back-to-back presidencies because 1948.

Behar butted in, “Well, you did win in reality,” and Clinton concurred stating, “I won the popular vote.”

The co-hosts likewise spoke up versus those who slam Clinton for remaining wed to Bill Clinton after his numerous affairs.

“I hear that individuals state ‘They have a plan.’ It’s called a marital relationship,” Clinton reacted. “There have actually been a lot more delighted days than mad or unfortunate days, and I am grateful and really happy that I am wed to my friend.”

The “View” hosts cheered Clinton’s response with chants of “Mind their own organisation” prior to providing Clinton with a sports jacket that stated “BACK UP” on it, referencing the Trump/Clinton argument where the GOP prospect strolled the phase and was often revealed behind Clinton.

The program’s conservative-leaning host, Jedidiah Bila, did strike Clinton with 2 concerns that were borderline difficult for the political leader. Bila asked Clinton to react to Democrats who do not like Clinton’s brand-new narrative for looking excessive at the past. She likewise asked Clinton about the dripped e-mails from the Democratic National Committee which exposed efforts to weaken Bernie Sander’s project in favor of Clinton.

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