‘Hepeating’ Is The New Feminist Slang Term You Need To Start Using Immediately

If there’s something we can state for millennial ladies (apart from that we’re broke and hot), it’s that we’re fucking incredible at creating brand-new words. Like, we’ve been taking abbrevs to the next level because the early 2000s, and the mankind has us to thank for “omg,” “FOMO,” “thot,” “ fuckboy ,” “v” (as in “extremely”), “TBH,” and “af.” World, you’re actually so welcome. That being stated, in some cases it can be difficult to stay up to date with all the contributions to the English language that twentysomething women are making daily, and we’re here to inform you about a brand-new feminist buzzword that ought to reside in your vernacular along with “gaslighting,” “mansplaining,” and “guys are garbage.” In the never-ceasing words of Cher Horowitz, “We have actually got to deal with your vocabulary,” which brings us to a brand-new word that you should not utilize sporadically: hepeat .


Part of Speech: Verb
Origin: Adam in the fucking Garden of Eden
Definition: When a female recommends a concept, and it’s overlooked, however then a man states the very same thing and everybody enjoys it.

If you’re believing “IDGAF about this word”, you truly need to GAF due to the fact that males taking credit for the work females do has actually been occurring considering that the start of time, and we should not tolerate it any longer. We’ve all believed “I actually simply stated that and no one paid attention to me,” after a guy makes a so-called remarkable point, and all of us have to stop pretending it’s all right. There presently is no treatment for hepeating. Well, there’s no treatment besides being a bad betch and ensuring that everybody understands it was your concept (or another lady’s concept) in the very first location, however then you risk of being identified a “bitch” by guys who have a little cock are frightened by outspoken ladies. Thinking about that the “confront with tears of happiness” emoji was the Word of the Year for 2016, “hepeating” ought to be the Word of the Century.

Now that you’ve discovered a brand-new word, attempt utilizing it in a sentence today. If you connect with more than one male in the next 24 hours you’ll have the chance, I ensure that. In case you require some hepeat inspo, here are the some prime examples:

The most typical case of hepeating is in a conference when our woman– let’s call her Cindy– is sitting next to that douchebag who gets too intoxicated at business pleased hours– let’s call him Chad. Cindy and Chad’s manager has actually asked everybody to contribute concepts for ways to fix a considerable organisation problem, and Cindy has a fantastic fucking concept. Cindy states her recommendation simply as some asshole sneezes and no one hears her, other than for Chad who then reveals to the space Cindy’s concept word for word. Everybody because conference is at very first stunned that Chad, who could not find out ways to send out an Out of Office automated reply, has actually contributed this brilliant-beyond-brilliant concept. Then they thank him and begin talking about how to execute exactly what Cindy fucking came up with. Chad simply hepeated Cindy, and Chad is a fucking asshole. Fuck you, Chad.

In a more social setting, picture our woman Sarah is at a bar with her not-boyfriend Kyle and a few of his buddies viewing a football video game. Throughout a business break, Kyle and his buddies are discussing a specific concern about the video game and Sarah understands the response to that concern due to the fact that her papa published a Facebook status about it previously that day. (Or perhaps she understands it due to the fact that contrary to guys’s small-minded beliefs, ladies CAN understand shit about football since they like it and not even if they’re aiming to impress some guy.) Then someone at the bar spilled a complete beer on the flooring and the whole space was filled with chants of “Party Foul,” so no one heard Sarah’s fantastic response when she offered it. Other than Kyle did hear her, so he chooses to show the group the response to their football concern and gets boasting rights for taking the response Sarah in fact understood. Kyle hepeated Sarah. Let’s hope that Sarah ghosts him.

And in maybe the worst minute of all, Eliza is having supper with her fianc Parker. She recommends that they move into a bigger house now that they’ve been cohabiting for a while. Parker declines and disagrees to even discuss moving from his home, due to the fact that he’s a thick young child who does not like modification. Months later on Parker discovers an excellent house through his pal who’s a broker, so Parker informs Eliza that he wishes to move into the bigger location that his pal discovered, due to the fact that they’ve been cohabiting for a while. Parker hepeated Eliza and in fact wishes to praise on creating the concept. Parker can go shave his back now.

In circumstances such as these, there does not have to be a coincidental loud occasion like a beer dropping on the flooring to trigger a hepeat minute. Many times it’s just brought on by that guys never ever pay attention to females when we speak then reverse later on in our 1 year evaluation and state you would have gotten that raise or promo if just you would “be more proactive” and “speak out more” and you withstand the desire not to “speak out” all your suppressed complaints through “proactively” burning the whole workplace down. Simply me then? K. In all examples, however, males are garbage, which is why the only service to hepeating is to call it when you see it. Seriously, simply state “Hey Kyle, you completely hepeated Sarah’s concept,” then when he asks, “Duhhh, exactly what’s hepeating?” (since that is how all males speak), you get the included reward of getting the chance to female-splain it to him. A gratifying and really uncommon chance.

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