He asked her to turn down a promotion to spare his ego. Now their story is going viral.

Twitter user Kimber Dowsett was tired and waiting to capture a flight when she captured wind of a couple arguing.

Like the majority of us would (though we may not confess), she rapidly discovered herself eavesdroping on the juicy drama.

When she recognized exactly what the argument had to do with, she took out her phone and started recording the scene on Twitter for the advantage of her 24,000 fans.

The couple was arguing about cash, however not in a “What do you suggest you forgot to pay the gas expense?!” type of method. It was larger than that.

The female had actually been used a promo at work, and Dowsett could not think she was paying attention to the female’s partner — a male — informing her to turn it down.

He ‘d be “embarrassed,” he informed her, if she made more loan than him, discussing that if she actually liked him, she ‘d turn the promo down.


As Dowsett continued eavesdroping, the male twisted the knife, so to speak, insisting his partner put his sensations above her profession.

Shocked and infuriated, Dowsett sat at her airport gate, listening as the lady started sobbing, assuring her partner she had actually never ever threaten the relationship. When the guy continued to insist she reject the task, Dowsett could not assist it. “I simply wish to punch him,” she tweeted.