‘Hawaii Five-0’ Asian actors won’t be without projects for long

(CNN)It’s been a bit more than a week because word dripped that Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park were leaving CBS’s resistant hit “Hawaii Five-0,” and pieces of the story behind the story have actually started to form. The image that’s emerging isn’t really quite.

As Kim himself verified in a Facebook post to his fans, the duo left since their demand to be paid the like their white co-stars, Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan, was turned down. The space in exactly what they were requesting and exactly what CBS wanted to provide was small supposedly a distinction of just $5,000 per episode , which for the most-watched network in America is a quantity that might essentially be discovered under couch cushions in their business workplaces.

Although, inning accordance with “Hawaii Five-0” showrunner Peter Lenkov, the raise in CBS’s last deal to Kim and Park was “generous,” money in Hollywood isn’t really practically cash. It likewise shows regard for an artist’s value to a program’s success. Which element of the settlements plainly worked as the sticking point for Kim and Park, the 2 popular Asian American faces of a program whose really identity is specified by its Asian and Pacific Islander-majority location.
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