Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe calls out the hypocrisy of the NFL in a must-see clip.

Shannon Sharpe does not mince words. And he has no perseverance for bullshit.

So if anybody was going to speak reality to power when it pertained to the screens of “unity” and “uniformity” throughout the NFL last weekend — following President Donald Trump’s inflammatory remarks recommending gamers objecting throughout the nationwide anthem must be fired — it would be him. Sharpe did not dissatisfy, providing an intense preaching from the desk of Fox Sports’ “Undisputed,” stating he was “not impressed and dissatisfied.”

For almost 8 minutes, an eternity in broadcast time, Sharpe raised the concern of the hypocrisy he saw on Sunday.

Hundreds of gamers kneeled throughout the anthem. Others stood however locked arms in a program of uniformity or unity . Previous gamers, front workplace executives, and owners participated in too. A variety of groups along with the league itself launched declarations about totally free speech and unity. And while the general public display screens looked terrific on video camera, Sharpe needed to know the response to a crucial concern: What was everybody in fact joining versus?

When San Francisco 49ers gamer Colin Kaepernick released his presentation in 2016, he knelt to accentuate racial inequality, cops violence, and oppression versus brown and black individuals. Rather of joining him then or perhaps joining him now, groups have actually co-opted Kaepernick’s message to take a stand versus a rich white male bold to inform owners and executives what to do.

That was the position that brought them to their knees. That was the minute they stated, “No more.” Not the hazardous misogyny , not calling Mexicans rapists , not assaulting veterans and a gold star household , not disparaging whole U.S. cities , not declining refugees or transgender individuals in the militaries , not recommending there might ready individuals associated with Nazis and white supremacist groups . It was just when Trump came for their company, threatened the gamers who would hurt their way of living, did the NFL attempt speak out about any sort of oppression.

Said Sharpe: This had to do with cash, not morals.

So he called them out. And his enthusiastic, effective, message is worthy of to be seen in its totality.

It’s that excellent. And it’s that essential.

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