Guys Reveal What Having Blue Balls Really Feels Like And TBH, It Doesn’t Sound Great

I’m sure you are all questioning exactly what blue balls seems like . Not a day passes where I do not believe and stop about it. I’ll be having lunch, going on a walking, in the middle of a deep, significant discussion with my buddies, doing a science experiment (?), or associated with charity work, and I’ll believe, “ I hope not a single guy on this Earth is experiencing the discomfort that is blue balls today.” In truth, perhaps healthcare need to the discomfort connected with blue balls, if it does not currently. I’m sure it is part of the present administration’s health care strategy. Out with covering contraception and pre-existing conditions! Let’s cover Viagra and blue balls rather!

Anyway, due to the fact that there isn’t really much science or literature out there particularly surrounding “ blue balls, ” it’s mainly dealt with as an urban myth and settlement technique commonly utilized considering that The Garden of Eden. And now, fortunate for you and me, a lot of men required to a Reddit thread to speak about what having blue balls really seems like . Due to the fact that there’s absolutely nothing like a lot of brothers being brothers, bro-ing out and speaking about their balls harming. I enjoy the web.

So here are stated people exposing exactly what having blue balls truly seems like. I hope they will all be OKAY!

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