Gordon Ramsay Exposes The Truth About A-Listers Obsession With Cocaine

We have actually all seen photos of celebs stumbling from clubs accompanied by a light cleaning of white powder around their nostrils. Sometimes, we have actually seen A-listers brazenly snort the compound, unconcerned that their actions are being captured on cam.

So it was not a surprise when celeb chef Gordon Ramsay revealed that the drug culture in Hollywood is “ out of control ”. Ramsay, the not likely whistleblower on A-list drug culture, made the unexpected discovery on his brand-new program, Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine. In real Gordon Ramsay design, the outspoken chef made some additional claims about the celeb routine for the “ white things ”.

“ I saw drug rather at an early stage in my profession. I’ ve been served it.I ’ ve been provided it ”, stated Ramsay throughout the program, where he takes a trip to Colombia to check out the coca farms. In a sneak peek clip, Ramsey checks out a coca farm deep in the Columbian jungle to see the procedure which includes covering the leaves in cement powder, sulphuric acid, petroleum and battery acid. “ I ’ ve prepared some severe s ** t in my life however absolutely nothing rather on this level, ” the outspoken chef stated. “ No marvel these little laboratories wear’ t get busted, due to the fact that we’ re going much deeper than I might ever think of, ” an out of breath Ramsay states, as he travels into the “ remote ” wilderness for an unique trip of a coca farm. The production, which Ramsay likens to “ f *** king Harry Potter”, is a tough and long procedure. With 30 tonnes of the drug being offered in the UK alone every year, it is simple to comprehend why coca farmers do it.

“ With skyrocketing drug deaths in Britain and along the coke supply chain, I’ m figured out to comprehend the criminal service behind this lethal drug, ” Ramsay informs the video camera. That wasn’ t all that he revealed. As a chef to the well-known and abundant, Ramsay has actually seen a range of renowned characters. One thing a bulk of them have in typical is a taste for drug. Discussing the fascination, Ramsay shockingly stated:

“ I ’ ve had my hand shaken and entrusted little covers of foil in it. I’ ve been asked to dust drug on top of souffls, to put it on as icing sugar … Coke’ s all over. It ’ s spiralling out of control.

In 2003, Ramsay saw the terrible results of drug first-hand, when his head chef, David Dempsey, was up to his death after a strange drug-fuelled rampage. Dempsey, an extremely buddy of Ramsay’ s, had drug in his system at the time of his death, a reality that stunned those that understood him. Ramsay’ s informative journey will assist him comprehend a cooking procedure that he is absolutely not familiar with. The repulsive strategies utilized to make drug, the 2nd most popular controlled substance worldwide after marijuana, surprised the chef in spite of his direct exposure to the drug. With stars such as George Clooney, Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey and Naomi Campbell all confessing to having actually enjoyed the drug, it would appear that Ramsay is appropriate in his claims that drug controls Hollywood. His 2 part documentary exposing the fact behind the drug is set to air on British tv network ITV on October 19. In the meantime, this report highlights the drug epidemic after Australian authorities took a record 1.4 lots of the prohibited compound:

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