Everyone Is Freaking Out About Puerto Rico’s Whitefish Energy Scandal And Here’s Why

On September 20th, a massive forty approximately days earlier, Hurricane Maria annihilated Puerto Rico, leaving almost the whole island without power. And like, that’s where the circumstance still stands. 40 days without power or tidy water. This is exactly what we in business call “a fucking catastrophe.” Now, if this had actually occurred anywhere that white individuals reside in abundance on the mainland U.S., Donald Trump would have flown his fat ass out there and made certain the whole world viewed as he turned a ritualistic switch that returned electrical power to the entire nation. Due to the fact that Puerto Rico is complete of Puerto Ricans (aka American residents), our President and the White House have actually basically deserted them, turning this awful circumstance into the longest blackout in United States history . After 6 weeks, 70% of the island is still without power.

So yeah, it’s simply another historical landmark for old Donny.

Last week, it appeared like things were lastly going to begin improving. The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) struck an agreement with Whitefish Energy Holdings to begin fixing the 2,400 miles of transmission lines and 30,000 miles of circulation lines that Maria removed. Due to the fact that this is 2017, absolutely nothing can have a delighted ending.

Turns out this entire “Whitefish” business was in fact an overall rando, which raised eyebrows regarding how tf they scored such a big energy agreement. The factors the Whitefish offer is in fact dubious af are as follows:

1) Usually when typhoons and other natural catastrophes like this decrease, the afflicted location gets shared help from energy business from close-by locations and the offer is normally exercised prior to the storm strikes. In this case, PREPA waited 6 days till after the storm was done to sign an agreement with Whitefish, which lies in Montana, aka not near Puerto Rico at all.

2) After some light Googling examination, it was found that Whitefish has a grand overall of 2 full-time staff members. My Etsy store has more workers than that (scream out to my interns Bryanne and Sasha! Return to work!).

3) The business has 2 ties to the White House, which is 2 a lot of in this day and age. Whitefish is coincidentally based in the little home town of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and is moneyed by a significant donor to Trump. No warnings here.

4) Rebuilding the whole nation of Puerto Rico is a huge endeavor, so this is a $300-million-dollar agreement. The biggest agreement that Whitefish has signed prior to this? 1.3 million. That’s like updating your closet from Forever 21 to Givenchy. It’s a substantial action up, and truthfully you might not be all set for the duty of a couture way of life.

So it just took 3 minutes of standard Googling for individuals to begin to recognize how sketch this secret agreement offer was. The badass mayor of San Juan, understood for prompting a full-blown Trump Twitter tirade by having the gall to ask that possibly America appear and begin assisting individuals, prompted another Twitter fight with Whitefish itself by requiring the nullification of this agreement.

Members of your house, the Senate, Puerto Rican authorities, as well as FEMA got on board the “ wtf is going on ” train and after a week’ s worth of criticism, and the guv of Puerto Rico cancelled the agreement. Wait, it gets much better.

Now the FBI is included, due to the fact that everybody is really curious regarding how this little, absolutely nothing business in the middle of no place Montana, with 2 ties and workers to the President, handled to protect a huge federal offer like this in the very first location.

This implies 2 things 1) Puerto Rico still does not have anybody to reconstruct it’s fucking power grid, and 2) There is yet another federal examination developing with ties to the Trump administration. The number of spaces like this exist in FBI Headquarters with the Donald’ s deal with at the middle? Requesting for a good friend. Like, make sure you keep contributing to Puerto Rico relief . Lord understands our federal government will not be assisting at any time quickly.

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