Donald Trump Feeds Into Conspiracy Theory About His Presidency With New Quote!

But it’s just Thursday.

So Trump kept the streak alive by providing a really informing response in an online forum with millennials. View:

Anyway, this is the current piece of proof to support an extremely specific theory about Trump that he never ever wished to be President.

It’s an odd one, however the theory goes that Trump would utilize the increased prestige of a governmental go to begin his own cable television network called Trump TELEVISION . After stating in the last couple weeks of the election that it was rigged, he would continue that thread with a lot of programs assaulting Hillary Clinton . It’s huge organisation. Ask Fox News .

Ultimately, then it would not matter exactly what aid he obtained from Russia. Who looks into the details of a stopped working project?

(Yes, this is generally the plot of The Producers. Trump was pulling a Bialystock and Bloom on America.)

The primary proof theorists have is Fire And Fury, where it’s stated Trump “appeared he ‘d seen a ghost” on election night. Michael Wolff ‘s questionable book likewise paints a picture of a furious Melania Trump , to whom Donald swore he would not win. The guy’s sourcing is questionable, however it does fit with Melania’s habits over the previous year.

Of course, we’ve likewise heard time and once again Trump grumbling about the task, calling the White House a “dump”, not reading his intelligence rundowns, playing golf more than any president ever, and so on

Just a LOT of proof he dislikes the task.

He definitely appears to wish to keep the presidency, that much appears clear! Or possibly it’s simply that the option is jail now

Anyway, simply a theory we heard. That’s all. Inform us exactly what YOU believe!

[Image by means of NBC News / Twitter ]

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