Dean And Kristina Reunited After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ & Fans Won’t Be Happy

OMG. How is this still occurring? How is “ news ” still news? It’s been over a week given that the program’s finale/reunion episode aired and I’m at a loss for words as I sit here with an upgrade on a few of the program’s entrants that will ideally address this concern for at last: Did Dean and Kristina return together?

As all of us understand, Dean and Kristina had a rough go of it while in paradise; thanks to Dean’s book f * ckboy quirks and his failure to devote completely to either Kristina or D-Lo (a legend that continued all the method through the damn reunion), the fan-favorite-bachelor-turned-most-hated-guy-in-paradise didn’t wind up in a relationship. Throughout the reunion episode, it appeared as if both D-Lo and Kristina were through with Dean’s “ flip-flopping ” and both had actually chosen to move on.

That might have altered just recently. Inning Accordance With Wells Adams’ Instagram story and a quote from Danielle L., it appears like Dean and Kristina may be on once again.

The set appeared at a radio studio for some enjoyable and video games along with fellow Nation members Luke Pell, James Taylor, Danielle Maltby, and Christen Whitney and, while their connection might appear platonic from the videos on Wells’ story, Dean’s look is quite visibly repaired on the stunning, wise bachelorette (I indicate, why would not it be?).


While Dean’s caring look might indicate absolutely nothing significant, Danielle L.’s remarks previously today on Ben and Ashley I.’s iHeartRadio podcast,, make it appear like there may be something more to his relationship with Kristina. Danielle informed Ben and Ashley, “ From exactly what I understand, he’s aiming to work things out with Kristina. ” She continued by stating, “ I’m aiming to be considerate and keep my range.”


As for D-Lo’s relationship with Dean, she’s certainly made with the gamer’s video games. She subsequented her talk about Dean and Kristina’s love with remarks about her own relationship with the bachelor; she informed Ben and Ashley I.,

I have not spoken with [Dean] in a while. I’ve stated my peace. He’ll text me occasionally to see how I’m doing however there’s no romantic relationship. For me, after seeing the program and the important things he stated, I do not see how or why I would wish to continue a relationship with him.

She appears over the drama of, though, and does not appear to be holding any animosities versus Dean or Kristina. She described on “ Almost Famous, ”


I do not hold anything versus Dean. I believe I am dissatisfied with the method he managed things however I do not hold anything versus Kristina. A person similar to 2 ladies and it triggered a great deal of drama on and I simply wish to progress.

That’s good, however not sure over it simply. WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU, DEAN. WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU.

Danielle’s discuss the podcast do come as a little bit of a surprise, however, considering that simply recently she submitted a picture of herself and Dean kissing to her Instagram page with a psychological and genuine caption about her connection with Dean.


Indeed, part of the caption checks out,

It’s frustrating and heartbreaking to see how

my relationship was illustrated as something just surface area level. Dean and I’s connection was a lot deeper. Call us kindred spirits or complimentary souls … our outlook on life and love was comparable( or so I believed). Which is why we continued a relationship after the program.

Clearly, however, that relationship is long over and Dean

has( possibly?) flip-flopped … once again.


Of course, whether Kristina and Dean are back together is truly just their company (in spite of their having actually signed numerous agreements that require them to show their relationship for all to see ), and if they are, then we want them the very best of luck, particularly given that Dean is gone to Las Vegas this weekend for the iHeartRadio Music Festival.


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