Confessions of the Vaticans Favorite Male Escort

ROME– Father Luca Morini did not practice exactly what he preached. The Catholic priest obviously did a lot more than preaching at the 2 parishes he led in rural Tuscany where he made the label “Don Euro” and where he now deals with charges for scams, embezzlement, drug extortion, cash, and dealing laundering.

His impropriety was very first exposed after a male escort called Francesco Mangiacapra found that the consensual sex-for-hire relationship he had with Morini, who he believed was a high-powered judge, was not exactly what it appeared. Mangiacapra, who trained as an attorney however who obviously discovered the male-escort company more rewarding, had actually made the discovery rather by possibility, when he acknowledged his high-dollar customer in priest attire.

He states he then started to question how an easy priest might manage such pricey suppers and presents as his preferred customer bestowed on him. A devout Catholic himself, Mangiacapra states he was stressed that Father Morini was dipping into the collection plate and properly reported his suspicions to the diocese of Massa Carrara-Pontremoli in Tuscany. Just after a regional investigative tv program captured Morini snorting drug, relaxing at a gay health club, and kissing other gay males did they suspend him due to a concealed health problem, according to numerous conservative Catholic sites . He was then supposedly hidden inside a personal vacation home for rehab and is not attending his own criminal trial.

The experience with the double-life priest was not separated, and Mangiacapra quickly discovered that the majority of his customers who were buddies of the priest were likewise members of the clergy, which he ‘d in some way discovered himself rather all of a sudden the preferred kid toy in a gay-priest sex ring. He did exactly what any self-serving male woman of the street may do and began looking into a book about it called Il Numero Uno. Confessioni di un Marchettaro (The Number One. Confessions of a Prostitute) based upon WhatsApp messages, screenshots, and videos of different priests in jeopardizing positions.

But the church, it appeared, didn’t pay much focus on the book, which was released last March, so Mangiacapra brought it to the attention of numerous high-ranking cardinals by assembling his raw research study into a 1,200-page file concentrated on almost 40 priests throughout Italy that he required to the archdiocese of Naples, led by Cardinal Cresenzio Sepe, who chose to act and sent out the file directly to the Vatican. Sepe informed Corriere della Sera that Naples “didn’t participate in it” which none of the gay priests were Neapolitan. “Our diocese was utilized like a post workplace,” he stated. “We simply provided the message to Rome.”

The Italian equivalent of Drudge Report, Dagospia, was supposedly able to see a few of the file from which it released different excerpts , consisting of screenshots of messages. Numerous program what seem “cock pictures” of priests with messages about where and how they wished to make love with each other and the escorts. In one, an evident priest welcomes the escort along to an ordination, after which they would make love neighboring. The message ends with “see you later on, I’ll inform you when the mass is.”

Mangiacapra states he implies no damage to the church. “I wish to describe right now that mine is not a gesture that breaks the Catholic Church, undoubtedly, it is paradoxically in its favor,” he stated in an interview with Catania Today, which likewise released a screenshot of an exchange where one priest sent him a naked image in front of the bell and asked if he liked his penis.

“My book and the material of the file that I provided in Naples is to expose the truth plainly in contradiction to the commitments enforced by the cassock,” he states.

The escort states the gay priests mostly utilized Telegram, a favored service with a variety of gay priest chat groups where clergy can discover escorts and other priests in their locations. He stated the priests paid “numerous euro” and apparently had no qualms about the premium costs. Mangiacapra states he desires the errant priests to be more truthful about their sexuality.

“We are discussing sins, not criminal activities,” he stated. “I just desire this out so that these individuals will stop preaching hatred to gays.”

Now that Cardinal Sepe has actually pressed the file to the Vatican, Mangiacapra informed Catania Today that he will leave prostitution, having actually wearied of the “indignity of offering my body.”

“I did it for the health of the church. We are speaking about bad apples which, in my viewpoint, need to be minimized to the ordinary state not to be penalized however to have the chance to come into contact and fix up with their own homosexuality,” he stated. “As an individual who delights in sexual liberty, I do not condemn the homosexuality of the priests: Homosexuality is not a criminal activity, exactly what is condemned is the incoherence of these priests.”

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