Chile Stops Billion-Dollar Mining Project To Protect Rare Humboldt Penguins

In an unusual success for the environment, preservation, and penguins, the Chilean federal government has actually ended on an extremely questionable mining mega-project that was set to trigger havoc with the location’ s environment and wildlife, particularly its much-loved Humboldt penguins.

The Dominga Project is a proposed $2.5 billion copper and iron ore open mining task that the Chilean mining business Andes Iron wanted to build in the Coquimbo area of main Chile. Due to its size, the job would likewise include the building of a brand-new sea port together with other big facilities modifications to the location.

Once working, it would have the prospective to produce 12 million tonnes of iron ore and 150,000 tonnes of copper each year, inning accordance with .

However, after continuous debate and inadequate proof of ecological warranties, high-ranking political authorities from Chile’s Ministers’ Committee have actually turned down the strategies following an extended assessment duration, BBC News and Reuters report. The reports note it will be possible for Andes Iron to appeal the choice.

Environmentalists railed versus the task due to its distance to the Humboldt Penguin Reserve , situated a brief range off the coast of mainland Coquimbo. This nature reserve is an extremely essential reproducing website for the Humboldt penguin, a types of seabird just discovered on the coast of Chile and Peru that is susceptible to termination .

This reserve is likewise widely known for its bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, humpback whales, sperm whales, sea lions, albatross, and lots of types of fish.

“ Today we have actually lived a historical day! ” Oceana Chile, a marine preservation NGO who wared the task, stated in a Facebook post . “ The Committee of Ministers chose to decline the mining-Port job Dominga due to an absence of details and drawbacks in mitigating and fixing damage to the environment.”


“ Let us continue to alert and support the neighborhoods in the location. This is a triumph for all individuals!”


In regards to its geology, Chile is resting on a cash cow, or a minimum of a copper mine. In 2013, a United States Geological Survey report stated it was “ the world ’ s leading manufacturer of copper, representing 31.8 percent of world mine production; iodine, 63.2 percent; rhenium, 50.9 percent; and lithium, about 38.6 percent. ” However, all this comes at an expense and the South American country has actually just recently been revealing more care when it concerns ecological issues.

While stress over the environment were the last nail in the casket, in the meantime, the Dominga mining job has actually likewise been involved all sort of difficulty due to many political leader’ s organisation ties to the task.

Regardless, the future of the Humboldt penguins and Chile’s other seaside wildlife now appears a bit better.

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