Charlie Sheen Responds To Allegations That He Raped 13-Year-Old Corey Haim

Charlie Sheen is no complete stranger to debate. The 52-year-old star’ s issues with alcohol and substance abuse have actually been commonly reported in the media, and it’ s obvious that he ’ s a womanizer, costs over a million dollars on the services of woman of the streets.

Now it’ s been declared that the father-of-five raped 13-year-old Corey Haim on the set of the set of the 1986 film Lucas. This claim has actually been available in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, which has actually resulted in a series of Hollywood stars being implicated of sexual misbehavior. The National Enquirer reported that the late Haim informed buddies about the event, and among these good friends, Dominick Brascia, has handed down this info to the authorities — details he got in 2010 soon prior to Haim’ s unforeseen death. “ Haim informed me he made love with Sheen when they shot Lucas, ” Brascia exposed. “ He informed me they smoked pot and made love. He stated they had anal sex. Haim stated after it occurred Sheen ended up being really cold and declined him. When Corey wished to mess around once again, Charlie was not interested. ” The event likewise appears to have actually been mentioned in among Haim ’ s closest pals Corey Feldman ’ s autobiography, Coreyography: A Memoir. The 2 are imagined listed below. “ At some point throughout the recording [of Lucas, Haim]. described an adult male persuaded him it was completely regular for older guys and more youthful kids in business to have sexual relations, that it was ‘ exactly what all people do,’” Feldman composed.

“ So they strolled off to a remote location in between 2 trailers throughout a lunch break for the cast and team, and Haim, enthusiastic and innocent as he was, permitted himself to be sodomized. ”

Sheen ’ s sodomization of Haim, nevertheless, was not the only occurrence of sexual misbehavior which the star obviously took part in on the set of Lucas. It likewise been reported that he provided and kissed a 17-year-old woman to sleep with her whilst shooting the film.

Although Feldman didn ’ t name Sheen in his autobiography, he has actually made his ridicule for Sheen clear throughout his profession, making a variety of informing remarks about the star, that make a great deal of sense now that the rape accusations have actually been made. “ I ’ m not a big fan of Charlie Sheen … specifically the method he ’ s impacted other individuals that I understand, ” Feldman stated to The Enquirer in 2011. He then exposed that Haim “ defended his whole life to recuperate from those early experiences and to obtain his life together. ” “ I think there ’ s a great deal of darkness in Hollywood today, and I think it ’ s existedfor rather a long time, ” Feldman stated. “ It ’ s going to continue unraveling. This is simply the start, it ’ s simply the pointer of the iceberg. ” The now 49-year-old female who Sheen apparently acted wrongly with has actually likewise spoken up about the star ’ s misbehavior. “ I [confess], I did have a thing for Sheen, ” she stated. “ I talked with him for a very long time and kissed him. ”

Not pleased with simply a kiss, nevertheless, the now HIV favorable Sheen supposedly desired more from the 17-year-old. “ I remained in a restroom with him at one point. He aimed to get me to make love.”.

The above image of Sheen smoking a cigarette outside his moms and dad’ s home was taken the other day simply hours after the claims were made. Now Sheen has actually now spoken out in action, with a representative stating that he “ unconditionally rejects ” raping Haim. Brascia exposed that this supposed rape was not the only sexual experience Haim had with Sheen. “ Haim informed me he made love with Sheen once again, ” he stated. “ He declared he didn ’ t like it and was lastly over Sheen. He stated Charlie was a loser. ” If these accusations versus Sheen hold true, it pleads the concern — why was the star never ever called previously? Thus numerous other well-known faces who have actually just recently been implicated of misbehavior, their misdeed appears to have actually been covered for many years. We hope that those guilty of sexual misbehavior in Hollywood are brought to trial.

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