Apple targets Android users with new ‘Switch to iPhone’ ad campaign

Image: screenshot: monica chin/apple/youtube

There’s a particular visual that customers have actually concerned get out of Apple : black backgrounds, hip-hop beats, fancy text and visual results.

The newest set of advertisements from the business, nevertheless, include a makeover. They’re captivating, light-hearted, and — most specifically — out to charm the world’s Android users.

All 4 advertisements include a screen divided into 2 areas: a gray half identified “your phone” and a light blue half identified “iPhone.” They’re less than 20 seconds long, and set to positive, old-timey music.

“Ease” illustrates a guy fighting with an umbrella in exactly what seems a sandstorm on the bottom half of the screen (entitled “your phone.”) When he opens the umbrella, he’s raised into the blue sky above him (entitled “iPhone.”)

“Safe” portrays a doubtful character hanging above the “iPhone” area which is safeguarded by a vibrant nexus. The guy, noticeably worried, movements upwards, and is retreated. “More safe” checks out the screen.

“Apple Support” functions business-casual trapeze artists swinging from opposite sides. The “your phone” artist jumps to comprehend the hands of the “iPhone” artist, and the 2 swing away into the “iPhone” sphere.

In “Environment,” a male drops his coffee on the “Your Phone” side. He tries to kick the coffee cup onto the “iPhone” side, however offers and stops working up. The last screen declares “iPhone is put together at Zero Waste to Landfill centers.”

These advertisements aren’t the only job Apple’s depended on recently. The business has actually likewise launched 2 “how-to” videos for users. The videos reveal the essentials of framing and telephoto, 2 lesser-known cam functions, in less than 30 seconds.

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