Amanda From ‘BIP’ Just Pulled A Taylor Swift & Tweeted The Most Savage Thing About Robby

OK, fans, Season 4 is lastly over therefore is all the drama. * RECORD SCRATCH * I’m sorry, I take that back … it appears as if the Season 4 drama is NOT over simply. That’s right, Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes’ tweets after the finale episode have us shaking, and for great factor. You might remember that on Monday night’s finale/reunion episode, a number of couples chose to provide it a shot beyond paradise — there was even an engagement — however Amanda and Robby were not one of them. It was exposed on with Chris Harrison, however, that Amanda and Robby started dating after taping for the season completed, just to separate quickly after because — inning accordance with Amanda — Robby wasn’t prepared for a relationship.

That’s not all, though … no siree. The Ferguson twins chimed in throughout the reunion to let fans understand that Robby had actually supposedly cheated on Amanda while he was on a company journey in Colorado, a report that Robby emphatically rejected. The on-air drama passed away down, it appeared like Amanda and Robby were lastly in an excellent location with each other as good friends. As normal when it concerns country, however, BOY WERE WE WRONG. Robby required to his Twitter account later on at night to clear a couple of things up. He published a screenshot of a long letter he had actually composed with the caption “ Twitter asked me exactly what’s occurring … Well let me hellip &describe;”



Robby’s letter checks out,

While I will not be the one to turn to vicious social networks attacks, at the ending, I seemed like I was sitting beside a complete stranger. I’ll never ever comprehend why there’s such a desperate have to provide an ‘ innocent personality’ and turn to permitting accusations that are blatantly incorrect be stated about me by ‘ the twins ‘while one kicks back and ‘ unconsciously’ sees these harmful attacks continue versus me. That’s not the habits or responsibility I get out of somebody that ‘ CLAIMS ‘they appreciate me and was open to establishing an ‘ ACTUAL’ relationship. I’ve promoted their name both openly and independently with regard, despite the numerous continuous THREATS I got. Yes, I’m personalized and friendly with many individuals, however I have regard for myself as well as the individual I’m delicately dating, so I keep my interactions suitable. I do not utilize the media or my buddies to deal with individual relationship misconceptions, as we simply saw them do, and have actually seen take place sometimes before.History is consistently revealing that some individuals grow off of utilizing the media and their ‘ army’ to control audiences to position one-sided blame, continuously play the ‘ victim’ and utilize their buddies to attempt and assassinate one’s character. Your story-line is getting OLD; at some time it’s simply on YOU to stop living a double-life, and at this moment, everybody translucents it. God bless.

Well, Amanda could not simply let that fly now, could she? That would not appertain rules. The bachelorette required to Twitter soon after Robby’s letter made its rounds and published the specific image the twins raised throughout the reunion: A photo of Robby * very * close with another lady. Much more savagely, Amanda captioned the image with the recently renowned Taylor Swift lyric “ Look exactly what you made medo.”


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Clearly Amanda (understood hereafter as “ The Savage ”-RRB- did not pertain to play and, if she’s anything like Taylor, I believe we’re about to see her enter her “ dark stage.”


The only factor we need to be doubtful of the photo she submitted however is due to the fact that it has no date or time stamp on it, so there’s no informing precisely when or where this photo was taken. It ought to likewise be stated that neither Robby nor the lady’s faces can be seen in the photo, so there’s no 100% assurance it is him (or that that’s not Amanda’s blonde ponytail snugglin’ up beside him). I’m not safeguarding either one here, simply specifying realities … in reality, this is a story I want would end nearly as much as the “ scallop fingers ” plot line.

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