A Look Back At The Biggest Fuckboys In ‘Are You The One?’ History

Exciting times are coming, y’ all. Given that generally shit the bed this season, it ’ s time to turn our sights to, the only dating program that has actually had success on MTV considering that t #tbt. As the resident Expert at Betches * places on company card *, I’ m here to inform your uncultured minds to the charm that is a lot of intoxicated, moronic twentysomethings stuck in a home with absolutely nothing however an unusually big swimming pool, a vibrant sectional sofa, and prophylactics. I’ ve viewed the trailer for this season and it appears like MTV actually scraped the bottom of the barrel this year. Interesting!

To prep us for the shitbags to come, let’ s rework a few of the program’ s WORST cast mates, aka the fuckboys . These will not consist of cast members from season 1 and 2– I was too hectic killing my liver studying for examinations in college to take note of those seasons. Sorry!

The Foreign Fuckboy: Asaf

Yeah, fuckboys aren’ t equally special to our political administration and your regional SAE fraternity home– they’ re global. Asaf was a fuckboy practically directly from the start, when he informed ladies they were fat which he was generally here to spread his little Israeli soldiers (his sperm, in case you didn’ t get that)to every lady in your home.He ’ s the sort of man to inform you that he learnt “ global relations ” wink wink, push push. * throws up *

The Psycho Fuckboy: Gio

Gio was that person who you would bring house to go crazy your moms and dads however then unexpectedly you ended up being kinda anxious for your very own security since he’ s a goddam lunatic. Homie might design underclothing one day, then be the poster kid for bipolar affective disorder the next. If he end up in the news for keeping his sweetheart chained up in his basement due to the fact that she as soon as mentioned that his socks didn’t match, none people will be shocked. In fact, I’ll be shocked if that does not take place eventually.

The Gross Fuckboy: Chuck

Chuck is the person at the bar who attempts method too tough to make it appear like he doesn’ t shower. In his season, he fucked Brittni, his validated no-match, RIGHT after he talked to Hannah (season bae/girl who really liked him), in front of everybody in the yard. Like, actually? You got ta bone in the Adirondacks? Actually, right in front of my salad?

The Dumb Fuckboy: Ozzy

Ozzy was among last season’ s greatest boners in your house for sure. When he wasn’ t talking to each woman in your house, he was lying about how he talked to each lady in your house. Even post-show he’ s handled to continually fuck over the women from his casting season. Like damn guy, wear’ t shit where you consume. You ’ re in the real life now– be a regular individual and hook up with somebody from

The Pretty Fuckboy: Tyler

You understand that man you are sorry for talking to however like, not thaaaat much due to the fact that he’ s still very fucking hot? That is Tyler. He plays video games, he lies, he cheats, however he appears like a fucking Calvin Klein design.

Beauty is discomfort, folks.


Devin is beyond a fuckboy . He’ s truly an asshole. I essentially HAD to include him on this list since he’ s actually the viewed bad guy of this program, however honestly, I appreciate the man. He wins pretttty much whatever (he won and he established the prepare for winning his season) and he has equivalent balance of being adorable and an enormous penis. Devin has a fucking PhD in being a goddamn video game gamer and has no concerns utilizing psychological warfare to fuck everybody over. Idk why I’ m imitating it ’ s not appealing to me, however– 10/10 would still fuck Devin. We’ ve all existed.

is returning to MTV TOMORROW, motherfuckers, so make certain to view it and get your ass back to Betches to read our phenom wrap-ups. K love ya, bye!

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