9 Reasons Jesus Hates Religion (And You Should Too)

Hey, I understand exactly what you are believing. And I concur with you. I am simply as fed up with the religious beliefs versus Jesus discussion as you are. I suggest, the number of methods can you milk a cow (wear’ t believe too difficult about that)?


And, let ’ s be real, at its extremely core Christianity is a religious beliefs. By meaning , religious beliefs is “ an orderly system of events, beliefs, and guidelines utilized to praise a god or a group of gods . ” Sounds like Christianity, right?

But by that meaning, practically anything can be a religious beliefs. Atheism. Islam. Marital relationship. Understand?

You see, stating faith and Christianity are 2 sides of the coin is in theory real, however it’ s not real in truth. It ’ s real on paper, however not in life. Due to the fact that it has the finest group on paper, it ’ s like stating Duke (or Wisconsin) will win the National Championship in basketball. Everybody understands conclusions and statistics based upon paper put on’ t win National Championships.

The very same holds true with Christianity. Christianity is a lot more than a set of beliefs utilized to praise God. Christianity has to do with an individual, and his name is Jesus.

Religion types wars. Jesus types like. Faith states attempt more difficult. Christianity states stop attempting. Religious beliefs states rise to God. Christianity states God reaches down to us. This is why another post about faith versus Jesus is required. We have to be advised. Frequently. While Christianity is a faith on paper, it is a lot more than a religious beliefs in truth.

Maybe you have actually wandered to faith. Possibly you have actually constantly lived there. Possibly you have actually been injured by spiritual individuals masquerading as Christians. Possibly you would like to know the best ways to like God more totally and follow Jesus more passionately. Regardless, the dividing lines in between religious beliefs and Jesus are clear.

Here are 9 factors Jesus dislikes religious beliefs (and you need to too).

1.) Faith sees individuals as the opponent. Jesus sees sin as the opponent.

Religion turns every argument and dispute into an “ us versus them. ” Religion doesn ’ t enable discussion or open interaction. Righteousness is based upon understanding and works, so righteousness is an item of self, not God. When righteousness is an item of self, everybody needs to believe like you. It types pride and conceit. This is why religious beliefs triggers wars. The more somebody disagrees with you, the more upset and upset you end up being. Ultimately, the anger and pride put over into persecution as well as murder.

But real, genuine Christianity has actually never ever begun a war. It has actually never ever eliminated another individual. Jesus didn’ t pertained to draw fight lines in between individuals. He concerned draw fight lines in between God and Satan. He concerned ruin sin. Not individuals since sin is the opponent. A lot of times Christians battle the fight versus the incorrect opponent. Jesus enjoyed individuals. All individuals. Even those who hung him on a cross (Luke 23:34).

Any action, believed, or choice that doesn’ t view sin as the opponent is phony religious beliefs.

2.) Faith states revealing grace threatens. Jesus states, “ I understand.”


“ I preached 15 years prior to I ever discussed the word ‘ grace ’ in a preaching. ” That declaration was informed to me by a guy who preached at a church where I worked. I think of the magnitude of that declaration typically. Since I am not much various, mainly. I go seasons in mentor where I wear’ t reference grace either. Here ’s why.


Grace is outrageous. It ’ s like a wild animal that can ’ t be tamed. Other than the animal has lots of forgiveness, love, and grace, not big claws, sharp teeth, and a huge cravings. Faith doesn’ t care. It simply sees something unmanageable. And faith doesn’ t handle unmanageable. It ’ s too harmful. If the unmanageable is God himself, even.

So, religious beliefs keeps grace in a cage. Faith puts conditions on grace. It can just be seen throughout company hours. And if the weather condition’ s bad, wear ’ t even trouble. This is how God plans Christians to utilize grace?


Wrong. Grace is genuine. Grace is unmanageable. Consider it. Since he understands this type of grace is the only thing enough to genuinely change hearts, God absolutely exposes himself and makes himself susceptible. Absolutely nothing else will work. Real grace has the prospective to be mistreated, however without this layer, it wouldn’ t be grace. It wouldn ’ t change. And itcouldn ’ t conserve us.


Without the outrageous grace God uses and Jesus designs, we are entrusted lifeless, “ follow the guidelines ”faith.


3.) Faith grades righteousness on a curve. Jesus grades righteousness on a cross. .


True story. In college, I took a Calculus class graded on a curve. My test ratings were 25, 52, and 67. That’ s called failing in design. Here ’ s the charm of a curve. My last grade in the class? B. Needless to state, I registered for the exact same instructor for my next mathematics class. You see, with a curve you wear’ t really need to pass the class or understand the product. Feel in one’s bones enough to be typical.

This is exactly what religious beliefs states. The requirement is those individuals closest to you. As long as Jill or Bobby wear’ t go “ Jesus Freak ” on you, everybody is great. Faith privately hopes some individuals stop working. If Jill or Bobby bombs every test, Religion is covertly alright. It decreases the curve.

With Jesus, nevertheless, righteousness is determined by the cross. Everybody looks noticeably comparable when righteousness is graded on the cross. Killers. Sweet burglars. Phonies. You will run to it and applaud God for taking your filthiness and changing it with his perfectness when you understand the cross alone is the requirement for righteousness. And you will motivate others to keep up you.

With God there is no curve. There is just a cross.

4.) Faith makes God in charge and you the staff member. Jesus makes God the daddy and you the boy.

Religion is a like an agreement. Agreements have conditions. Do the best things, you are great. Do the incorrect things, you will be searching for another task. There is no intimacy or relationship. Many times, there is no discussion. Simply do your part (act right) and God will do his (enable you into paradise).

Jesus states God is your dad and you are his daughter or son. Kids put on’ t have agreements. I have 2 kids, and they are welcome at my home as long as I have breath in my lungs. I put on’ t care how far they go off the deep end. This is why Jesus informs the story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11 -32). God not just permits his kids to come house if they abuse his goodness, he tosses them a friggin ’ celebration! A celebration!


Now, that seems like a God I wish to serve!

5.) Religious beliefs states just pay attention to, participate in, and watch “ Christian ” things. Jesus states search for reality all over.


Religion states anything that doesn ’ t have actually Jesus composed directly throughout the film, tune, or structure is wicked. Just go to Christian schools. Pay attention to Christian music. See lame Christian films. And go to church occasions. And I am not versus any of these things. I applaud God for Christian schools and music.

But with Jesus there is no such thing as Christian and non-Christian schools, music, and motion pictures. It’ s intriguing that lots of Christians state a indication on the beyond a structure doesn’ t make a church. These very same Christians( myself consisted of )turn around and state a school or motion picture is Christian due to the fact that “ Christian ” is someplace in the title.

Schools and music end up being Christian when Christians exist and reality is announced.

Events and schools end up being Christian when fans of Jesus exist. Music ends up being “ Christian ” when reality exists, even if the vocalist isn’ t “ Christian ”( Phil. 1:18). Christians want to produce unique lines in between spiritual and nonreligious, however those lines aren’ t throughout the Bible. Neither are the terms.


This indicates we require Christians all over. Nonreligious schools. Music. Motion pictures. “ Christian ” schools. Law office. Health centers. All over. God doesn’ t develop lines in between “ Christian ” and non-Christian. Whatever he produces readies. And every inch of the earth he wishes to bring back.

6.) Religious beliefs is sustained by worry and penalty. Jesus is sustained by love and grace.

“ The issue with fear-based Christianity is we just comply with when the worry exists. Love, nevertheless, produces long lasting pleasure.”– Jefferson Bethke

Religion utilizes worry and penalty as main incentives. “ You much better do all the best things or God’ s rage is awaiting you. Pertain to Jesus or you will burn in hell permanently.”


Religion paints God as an upset, spiteful cynic who relaxes with the angels waiting on somebody to mess up so he can turn them into salt or something.

But Jesus’ s life and actions were driven by love. You see, exactly what makes God remarkable is not his boundless power. Exactly what makes God fantastic is he opts to like non-stop although he has unlimited power.

I snap (holy anger, obviously) when I consider the method lots of preachers drive individuals to God through adjustment and scare method. And once individuals are terrified into Christ, every choice is infiltrated whether God will strike them dead.

.If numerous Christians (myself consisted of) will have to address for not erring on the side of love rather of worry, #ppppp> I question. Worry develops lifeless religious beliefs. Worry produces Christians who just desire God so they can leave hell. And eternity with God is not a location for those terrified of hell. It is a location for those who enjoy God.

7.) Religious beliefs is useful and safe. Jesus is unforeseeable and extreme.

With faith, there is no have to take dangers. As soon as in your life time, possibly go on an objective journey. Normally speaking, simply do the best thing. Religious beliefs is really useful. It makes good sense. There are not a surprises. 5 actions to redemption. Church the exact same time each week. Religious beliefs doesn’ t ask much from you. It doesn ’ t provide much either.


But Jesus? If Jesus had a middle name, it would be “ Unpredictable. ” Jesus kept everybody on their toes. He consumed with tax collectors. He scolded the spiritual individuals. He interceded on behalf of woman of the streets. He declared to hellip &be;( await it) … God.

And eventually God passed away on a cross. For me. And you. Now that’ s radical.

8.) Faith states if you follow God, he will bless your life. Jesus states if you follow God he will offer you life.

Religion assures to succeed your life. Jesus guarantees to offer you life

Religion states if you act, God will offer you success, a brand-new home, and the hot man or woman throughout the street. And Americans like to obtain things. Look no more than the 2 essential days on the Christian calendar. Easter and Christmas. Ironically (not actually) these are likewise the 2 most materialistic days on the calendar. Jesus is eclipsed by Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? Why does the God of deep space need to share his birth, death, and resurrection with presents and sweet? Exactly what the frick? How would you not conclude success depends on habits?

Jesus concerned bring you life, not things. And to follow Jesus for other factor than brand-new life is to belittle the cross. You see, all mankind was dead prior to Jesus. No life. No hope. And this is exactly what Jesus pertained to offer. New life. This is the best present you might get.

Houses, automobiles, and savings account are never ever absolutely yours. Somebody else gets them when you pass away. Brand-new life is a present that lasts for eternity. I’ ll take the latter. Whenever.

9.) Faith states concern church and serve. Jesus states enter into the world and serve.

Two things flow over and over in my mind when it concerns the church. The very first is Jeremiah 29:7. “ Also, look for the peace and success of the city to which I have actually brought you into exile. Hope to the Lord for it, since if it flourishes, you too will flourish. ” The 2nd is this concern very first presented in a book I checked out a number of years earlier. “ If your church closed its doors today, would the neighborhood even understand (or care)?”


Religion doesn ’ t appreciate either of these. Religious beliefs states pertain to church. Serve in church. Secure your home. Don’ t stress over anything outside the walls. And definitely not those bad sinners outside the walls. While I believe it’ s terrific to serve in church, this isn’ t where thechurch ’ s duty ends.

In Matthew 16:18, Jesus informs Peter evictions of hell will not dominate versus the church. Now, I am simply considering loud here. It appears for gates not to dominate, something (or somebody) should be in a position to knock them over. This is where God’ s individuals enter the photo. Christians are to enter into the darkness and lower evictions of hell anywhere they are. This is why the Great Commission informs us to “ Go. ” There is a direct relationship in between the church’ s objective of heading out and hell’ s gates boiling down.


This post is not an indictment on Christians. This post is an indictment on faith. Once again, Christianity is a religious beliefs on paper. In truth, Christianity and faith are polar revers. Jesus didn’ t go to the cross so we would follow some commands and teachings.

Jesus didn’ t pass away on a cross so we might get away the evils of the world and ideally wind up in paradise. Jesus passed away to offer us life. Jesus passed away to put the scandal of grace and love on complete screen. And as soon as we experience this scandal, our lives will never ever be the exact same.

I enjoy you all. To God be the splendor permanently. Amen!

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