4 Kentucky National Guard soldiers charged in sexual assault case

(CNN)Four Kentucky National Guard soldiers were jailed and charged in connection with a supposed sexual attack of a female soldier, authorities state.

The 4 soldiers were apprehended June 3, hours after the supposed victim reported the occurrence and sent to an evaluation at a Calloway County healthcare facility, inning accordance with Kentucky State Police Senior Trooper Jody Cash.
Anthony Tubolino, 25, deals with charges of second-degree rape, second-degree sodomy and illegal deal with a small, inning accordance with a Kentucky State Police press release.
      Tyler Hart, 19, is accuseded of first-degree sexual assault and second-degree sodomy. Austin Dennis, 21, and Jacob Ruth, 22, both deal with one charge of second-degree sodomy, the release states.
      The group remained in the location for training drills in preparation for the 438th Military Police Company’s yearly training, inning accordance with a Kentucky National Guard declaration.

      “The victim was offered alcohol and was then sexually attacked by these 4 suspects,” the state cops release stated.
      The 4 guys and the supposed victim were off task, drinking together in a hotel space, stated Tubolino’s lawyer, Alan Simpson, who challenged the victim’s claims.
      “Mr. Tubolino has actually dedicated no sex criminal offense whatsoever. The supposed victim in this case was a prepared individual and while she might have been inebriateded, was not unconscious. We eagerly anticipate safeguarding his name and track record,” Simpson stated.
      Authorities decreased to validate the claims explained by Simpson to CNN.
      Calloway Commonwealth Attorney Mark Blankenship stated the supposed victim belongs to the National Guard, however the Kentucky National Guard and the Kentucky State Police might not verify this to CNN.
      The Kentucky National Guard is complying with state authorities, inning accordance with the authorities press release.
      “All soldiers are entitled to due procedure and no action will be taken by the Kentucky National Guard up until the Kentucky State Police examination is finished,” Maj. Gen. Stephen Hogan, Kentucky’s adjutant basic, stated in a declaration.
      “Sexual attack is not just a wicked act, it is a criminal act. Our objective is to support the victim of this event. It is harming to our spirits, to our preparedness and to our fight capability. It has no location in the Kentucky National Guard. It breaks all the worths we love as service members in the United States Military,” Hogan stated.
      “I believe the case is strong enough to obtain to a grand jury, however it’s prematurely to discuss grand jury conviction,” Blankenship stated.
      “These cases are hard when there’s alcohol included. It’s bothersome, however it does not suggest she consented,” Blankenship stated.
      An eight-year veteran of the military, Tubolino served an active service release at Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq, inning accordance with Simpson.
      Tubolino operates in the security department for a personal business, and has actually continued to operate at his civilian task because his release from prison, Simpson stated.
      Jacob Ruth’s lawyer decreased to comment. Lawyers for Hart and Dennis might not be grabbed remark.
      All 4 males published a $5,000 money bond and were launched in the days right away after their arrest, inning accordance with Calloway County Jail Supervisor Rodney Hill.
      Austin Dennis remained in Calloway County District Court on Wednesday, and an innocent plea has actually been entered upon his behalf, inning accordance with the court. The other 3 soldiers are anticipated to be arraigned prior to completion of the month. An initial hearing date is tentatively set for July 5, where the prosecution has actually asked for all 4 soldiers be dealt with together, Blankenship stated.

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