Tucker Carlson: No Special Prosecutor Until Penn Station Men’s Room Is Clean

Fox News host Tucker Carlson appears to think there should not be an unique district attorney to examine President Donald Trump till the washrooms in New York’s Penn Station are tidy.

New York City Councilman Corey Johnson, a Democrat, was on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday to speak about a costs that would oblige Trump to launch his income tax return .

But hours after a report appeared that Trump had actually asked James Comey , then director of the FBI, to closed down an examination into previous nationwide security advisor Michael Flynn , Carlson desired Johnson to speak about problems much better to house.

“It’s OKAY if you do not like Trump. I’m not mad about that,” Carlson stated. “But how about filling some pits and detaining some public urinators . Seriously!”

Carlson stated Johnson’s law would total up to an abuse of power, given that it’s focused on a specific, however then the host took objective at Penn Station, which remains in Johnson’s district.

“Have you remained in Penn Station just recently?” Carlson asked. “It’s like a homeless shelter. It’s revolting.”

He included:

“I’m major. I go there each week. Which’s yours? Penn Station is yours? And you’re fretting about Trump’s income tax return? Are you joking? Have you remained in the males’s space there? Dead severe concern: Have you remained in the guys’s space in Penn Station?”

“I am concentrated on all the concerns that impact my district,” Johnson stated after some cross-talk.

“Wait a minute. What?” an incredulous Carlson responded.

“You’re the one that raised guys’s spaces, not me,” Johnson shot back as the 2 discussed each other, which caused more cross-talk, with Carlson shouting about restrooms as Johnson tried to go over Trump’s income tax return.

“One last thing. I understand we need to go. We require an independent district attorney, that’s exactly what we require,” Johnson concluded.

“First we require tidy guys’s spaces at Penn Station,” Carlson stated. “And you’re the man in charge of that.”

See the complete exchange above.

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